2016 5-Star PG Frank Jackson Commits to Duke


It was revealed this morning that 2016 5-star point guard Frank Jackson would be making his college decision tonight. He did just that. He announced his intentions to play for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils. This came as a surprise to no one who has been paying attention to Jackson’s recruitment as almost everyone pegged him for Duke. Jackson was coming off an official visit from Durham this past weekend so the timing of his commitment makes complete sense.

Jackson joins a recruiting class that already features stud SF Jayson Tatum. Duke is also hopeful that number one player in the class, Harry Giles, joins Tatum and Jackson to form the best recruiting class in the country. 

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Back to Frank Jackson. What kind of player is he? Who does he compare to and what kind of impact can he make in his freshman year? First off Jackson can SCORE and not just in one way. He has the ability to get buckets from the three-point line, mid-range, as well as finishing at the rim with either hand. The things that stick out the most with Jackson are his athleticism and skill.

At this point in his young career, Jackson is more of a shooting guard then a point guard. His passing skills are not at the level of say a Tyus Jones and his floor general status is something he will have to work on. But then again not many young men have the mentality of a true point guard anymore. There is no doubt that Jackson will be able to come in during his freshman year and fill up the points section of the stat sheet.

The pro players Jackson compares to the best are Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. Now Jackson is not Lilliard or Westbrook but his game and body type resemble them. His shooting prowess compares favorably to Lillard and his athleticism is a notch below Westbrook’s as Russell is the most athletic point guard in the history of the sport. But Jackson has shown he can play above the rim. All three of these players are 6’3-6’4 around 180-190 pounds. If Jackson can come in and play at a level anywhere near Lillard or Westbrook then Duke got an absolute diamond.

Here are his highlights:

Who would you compare him to and what kind of player do you think he will be?