Is Harry Giles a Duke Lock?


There has been rumors around the college basketball recruiting grounds that number 1 player in the country for the 2016 class, Harry Giles, is all but a lock to don a Blue Devils’ uniform come 2016. I for one agree with this sentiment as there are a number of indicators that are pointing in the direction of Cameron.

The best piece of evidence of this happening comes from the idea of Harry Giles and current Duke commit, Jayson Tatum, wanting to play together at the next level. Giles and Tatum are rumored to be the best of friends as they bonded together as roommates on the under-19 USA team. There were whispers of the two wanting to play together ever since that event. I mean the two have known each other since they were 11 and have been self-proclaimed “best friends” Tatum committed to Duke earlier this month after a game where his team actually defeated Giles’ team. If Giles and Tatum truly want to play together at the next stage in their careers then Cameron Indoor seems to be the place for them since both are on track to be one-and done type players. Why not play your college ball with your best friend? 

The next piece of evidence comes from an unnamed and anonymous assistant college coach saying that Harry Giles “[is] going to Duke.” Now all anonymous sources and tips from unnamed college coaches should come with a grain of salt but it is interesting to say the least that around the same time that Jayson Tatum was committing to Duke, a source inside a college basketball program came out and said that Giles is headed to Duke. That is either a strange coincidence or there is something more to it. Coaches generally do not definitively say whether a recruit is headed to a particular school or not because recruiting is such a fluid game. Next month Giles could potentially be headed somewhere other than Duke so for this source to come out and say so early in the process that Giles is a lock to Duke is telling. 

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Finally, the recent news of Harry Giles transferring to Oak Hill Academy for his senior season had Quinn Cook in an excitable mood. As people know, Cook attended Oak Hill and Giles wanted to share his recent news with Cook over text. Maybe Giles and Cook are just really good friends. It seems like they are but Cook’s connection to Duke, just recently having graduated, is just another sign that is guiding Giles to Cameron. Giles’ friends and connections have Duke ties.

All this evidence coupled with the fact that Duke just won a national championship with Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor teaming up as a package deal point to Giles committing to Duke sometime before 2015 ends.