Duke basketball freshman prodigy stepping up in the face of adversity

Caleb Foster has been vital to the success of the Duke basketball team since the injury to Tyrese Proctor.
La Salle v Duke
La Salle v Duke / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Enter a 6-foot-5 dynamic point guard known for his elite play and composure in high-pressure situations.

Caleb Foster put his abilities on display in November when he put the world on notice and torched Michigan State, dropping 18 points off the bench.

Wednesday night against No. 10 Baylor, he was equally as impressive. Foster made timely plays and cared for the ball like a seasoned veteran.

The Bears defense attempted to speed him up and disrupt the flow of Duke's offense to no avail. Foster played 33 minutes, finishing with 12 points, five rebounds, two assists, and, more importantly, one live ball turnover.

Coming out of high school, the highly touted Foster had a chip on his shoulder as he was snubbed from the prestigious McDonald's American Game. His impressive body of work on the AAU circuit and high school career hinted at a bright future, but few anticipated the impact this early.

Known for his size, exceptional ball-handling skills, ability to create space, and court vision, Foster is what the culture calls, 'one of them ones.'

Caleb Foster exhibits a maturity that defies his freshman status. His ability to read the flow of the game, make intelligent decisions under pressure, and elevate the performance of his teammates have not only filled the void left by the injured Tyrese Proctor, but have also elevated Duke's overall team dynamics.

Apart from his physical talent, it's worth noting that his mental fortitude is also something to admire. Opting to stay committed to Duke even with Proctor returning is a testament to his grit, character, and willingness to compete.

As the season progresses, the return of Tyrese Proctor is inevitable and decisions will have to be made, bringing new challenges and decisions for the coaching staff.

However, Foster's maturity and on-court reliability make the decision easy and only add a more formidable backcourt rotation. His development will undoubtedly be a storyline for the rest of the way.

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