Duke basketball: Jon Scheyer truly ushering a new era of Blue Devil hoops

Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer (Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer (Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports) /

Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer is making the program his own. 

At 35 years old, Jon Scheyer took the helm as the head coach of the Duke basketball program last season following a remarkable 42-year tenure by the icon Mike Krzyzewski.

Scheyer spent little time implementing changes that have already yielded positive results and with high expectations on his shoulders, the rookie swiftly left his mark on the program.

One of the most notable changes he introduced was his approach to assembling his coaching staff.

In a surprising move, Scheyer made two coaching hires from outside ‘The Brotherhood’ when he appointed Jai Lucas and Emmanuel Dildy as assistant coaches, demonstrating his keen eye for talent and dedication to nurturing future coaching stars.

The decision to bring Lucas on board proved to be a game-changer.

Lucas, previously an assistant coach for Kentucky, played a pivotal role in shaping Duke’s formidable defense last season and earned himself a well deserved promotion to the position of associate head coach after just one year with the Blue Devils.

This dynamic coaching duo has injected fresh perspectives into the team and has propelled Duke to new heights.

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Emmanuel Dildy’s decision to leave an associate head coaching role at Oklahoma to join the Duke staff underscored the influence and allure of the Blue Devil brand. Dildy’s reputation for exceptional recruiting and extensive connections with prospects nationwide reinforced Duke’s standing as a premier destination for top-tier talent.

It’s worth noting that Dildy spent time as an assistant under former Duke guard, and current head coach at Northwestern, Chris Collins.

William Avery, a distinguished former Blue Devil guard, has also been recently welcomed to the coaching staff. This strategic move aligns with the updated NCAA rule that allows teams to include two additional coaches on its staff, a development that signifies a growing trend in college basketball.

Avery’s appointment carries particular significance due to his illustrious background as a Duke player as he is intimately familiar with the program’s traditions, values, and expectations. His first hand experience under the mentorship Mike Krzyzewski bolsters his credentials and adds a unique perspective to the coaching staff.

Duke basketball head coach with more positive moves for the program

Jon Scheyer’s transformative vision extended beyond the coaching staff.

Last year, he made another strategic move by appointing Rachel Baker as general manager, a new position in college basketball that other schools are now trying to emulate.

Baker’s impressive background, which includes previous roles at Nike and the NBA, has added a new dimension to Duke’s management and operations. Her expertise in branding and marketing has revitalized the team’s image and heightened its appeal to players and fans alike.

The Duke coaching staff has wholeheartedly embraced these innovative marketing strategies, enhancing engagement and expanding the team’s presence well beyond the confines of the court.

The recruiting game remains the same for Duke, stockpile and run with the best talent possible.

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Scheyer has continued this tradition of attracting top talent, ensuring the team remains a college basketball powerhouse. His sharp eye for potential has helped him forge strong connections with recruits and land commitments from some of the nation’s most promising players.

Jon Scheyer’s reputation as a player’s coach has been vital in luring top players to Durham.

As Scheyer’s tenure progresses, the transformation he has brought to Duke becomes increasingly evident. His ability to assemble a skilled coaching staff and management team has paved the way for a new era of success for the Blue Devils.

Duke’s future under the 35-year old’s leadership looks incredibly promising with fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and top tier talent.

As the college basketball world eagerly awaits the upcoming season, all eyes will be on Duke to witness the continued evolution of this storied program under the visionary guidance of Jon Scheyer.

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