Jared Dudley gifts Quinn Cook his legendary No. 2 to wear for Lakers

Jared Dudley offered a very nice gesture for his new Lakers teammate and the former Duke Basketball star, Quinn Cook.

Jared Dudley and Quinn Cook have been teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers for less than three weeks but on Monday evening the two shared a special moment over social media.

Dudley, the 12-year veteran, announced on Twitter that he would be wearing the No. 2 with the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

Cook, the 3-year vet, replied to Dudley's tweet saying that he was going to chose the same number to wear for the Purple and Gold.

The former Boston College star then answered the former Duke star and it appears that Cook will be back in his legendary No. 2 this fall.

Quinn Cook dawned the No. 2 for his legendary career in Durham, winning a National Championship in his senior year and being a two-time All-ACC player.

The Washington, DC native joins the Lakers after spending two years with the Golden State Warriors, winning the 2018 NBA Finals.

Joining the Lakers was extra special to Cook since he lost his father Ted when he was just 14 years old, but Ted Cook was the ultimate Lakers fan as Cook has noted on social media.

Now at 26-years old, Cook gets to honor his father publicly by more than just the "RiP DAD!" he puts at the end of all his social media posts, he gets to wear the jersey of his father's favorite team while wearing the No. 2 that he made a name for himself in.

On social media, Cook was extremely appreciative of Jared Dudley's actions, calling him "the realest".

While a social media tweet will do justice for now, I'm sure that during this season for the Lakers Quinn Cook and Jared Dudley will be sharing a meal together where Cook will pick up the bill after the two-year, $6M contract he just signed.

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