Predicting the entire Duke basketball roster's offseason decisions

The Blue Devils have a lot of decisions to make in the coming weeks
Mar 29, 2024; Dallas, TX, USA; Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer talks to guards Jared McCain and Tyrese Proctor
Mar 29, 2024; Dallas, TX, USA; Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer talks to guards Jared McCain and Tyrese Proctor / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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The decisions that the Duke basketball frontcourt players will have to make might be more interesting and difficult considering the firepower that the Blue Devils are bringing in with Cooper Flagg, the No. 1 player in the country, and Khaman Maluach, the No. 3 player in the class, who stands 7-foot-1.

TJ Power: Return to Duke

TJ Power never really got on the floor to showcase his abilities in a meaningful way. Entering as a late rising 5-star recruit, Power mostly got on the floor in mop-up duty, averaging just 6.7 minutes per game and shooting 35.7-percent from 3-point range.

He did have a lot to learn defensively, which contributed to his lack of playing time, but you wonder if this could be another case of the Blue Devils landing a highly thought of recruit that doesn't get to see the floor because of talent being recruited over him.

Despite the freshmen talent entering Duke at the wing position, Power should stick it out in Durham at least one more season because his size and ability could be a major weapon for Jon Scheyer.

Sean Stewart: Return to Duke

Every time Sean Stewart takes the floor, you can see the potential oozing out of him. He can run as fast as any forward in the country and jump as high as any player in the nation. Yes, there are still basketball skills that he has to learn but the Duke coaching staff has to try and keep anyone with his raw ability.

Stewart got better as the season progressed but still averaged just 8.3 minutes and 2.6 points per game. The one question that has to be answered by him is if he would be willing to come off the bench as a sophomore. If he has no issues with that, he should be welcomed back to Durham with open arms.

Christian Reeves: Transfer

It has been a tough two years for Christian Reeves as a Blue Devil. The playing time has not been there, and he's missed more games with injury than he has been available to play. It would be the best thing for him to start fresh at a new destination.

Reeves underwent left ankle surgery following his freshman season and right ankle surgery during his sophomore year. He's played in just 16 games in two seasons, with only three coming this year. Playing time would be sparse again if he were to return.

Mark Mitchell: Transfer

Mark Mitchell might have the biggest decision to make of any Duke basketball player this offseason.

Cooper Flagg is going to get most of the minutes at power forward next season, his most natural position. Does Isaiah Evans immediately get a starting spot upon his arrival to Duke at small forward? Would a potential return from Mark Mitchell make Evans request his release, or would he accept a role coming off the bench?

Mitchell appeared more comfortable as a small forward during his freshman season than a power forward during his sophomore year. There was some noticeable regression from Mitchell throughout the course of the season, shooting 27.5-percent from 3-point range.

Teams never respected his 3-point shot and wouldn't guard him on the perimeter. It made things much more difficult for the Blue Devils offensively and clogged the paint for Kyle Filipowski to work. After scoring 15 points in Duke's NCAA Tournament opener against Vermont, he averaged just 3.3 points per game in the next three contests.

It seems like there will be a domino affect from Mitchell's decsion, regardless what he decides to do. Like other players, maybe a fresh start at a new school would be in the best interest of the former 5-star recruit.

Kyle Filipowski: NBA Draft

Kyle Filipowski should, and will likely, to go the NBA Draft this offseason. He has all the characteristics that an NBA team could want, and should be taken quickly considering the lack of firepower in this draft.

His shooting numbers increased over the course of this season, making 34.8-percent of his 3-pointers after just 28.2-percent as a freshman, and would be an ideal stretch-4 in the league.

Filipowski had his double hip surgery last offseason that allowed him to move without pain around the court and there should be no other medical issues as NBA teams evaluate him. The NBA is the step in the career of the 7-footer.

So to recap Ball Durham's predictions of what the current Duke basketball players will do this offseason:

Return to Duke: Caleb Foster, Tyrese Proctor, TJ Power, and Sean Stewart.
Transfer: Jaylen Blakes, Jaden Schutt, Christian Reeves, and Mark Mitchell.
NBA Draft: Jared McCain, Jeremy Roach, and Kyle Filipowski.

The predicted returners, plus the incoming freshmen, would leave Jon Scheyer with three open scholarships to operate in the transfer portal.