One NBA team will get a steal after selecting Kyle Filipowski in the second round

Surprisingly, Duke center Kyle Filipowski fell out of the first round of the NBA Draft meaning one franchise will get a steal when he's selected in today's second round.
Duke v Houston
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While Duke fans were happy to see guard Jared McCain selected No. 16 overall in the first round of the NBA Draft on Wednesday night, many were likely surprised when former Blue Devils center Kyle Filipowski slid out of the first round. However, people who have followed Duke hoops know that whichever franchise selects Filipowski in today's second round will be getting a steal.

The enduring image of Filipowski's night was a backstage moment after the first round had concluded. As he was consoled by his girlfriend, it was easy to see the look of disappointment on Filipowski's face.

However, he must now turn his attention to round two where he will be one of the first players selected. That's a bit of a consolation prize but it does mean, unfortunately, that he won't receive a guaranteed rookie contract as only first-rounders have their entire rookie deals guaranteed.

Still, Filipowski could wind up in a great situation. What's more, he now will likely enter the NBA with a chip on his shoulder looking to prove that he deserved to be a first-round pick.

As recently as March, some were projecting that the versatile big man would even be a top-10 pick. So what happened to make Filipowski slide into the second round?

First of all, he didn't measure well at the combine. His wingspan is 6-foot-10.5. That's shorter than his height when he has shoes on. NBA teams covet length, especially with big men, so that proved to be a mark against him.

What's more, Filipowski didn't test well in terms of his vertical jump or his agility. Thus, many teams may have feared that he doesn't have the athleticism needed to be a difference-maker in the post. What's more, they likely fear that he will be exposed as a defender.

However, Filipowski still has plenty to bring to the table. First of all, his ability to step away from the basket and knock down outside shots is perfect for the modern NBA where big men are often asked to utilize their long-range jumpers. Last year, he was a 34.8% 3-point shooter, a pretty salty number for a guy approaching 7-feet.

Additionally, he is a brilliant player who sees the floor as well as any big man. He passes the ball effectively (he averaged 2.8 assists per game as a sophomore) and can create offense for himself and for teammates off the dribble.

In hindsight, it now looks like it was a mistake for Filipowski to return to Duke after a standout freshman year as many believe he would have been a lottery pick last year. However, offseason hip surgery complicated his decision and he decided to spend another year in Durham.

Now, he's by far the best player remaining as the second round approaches Thursday afternoon. And when he hears his name called, some team will be getting a steal because players with his size and skillset don't often fall past the first round.