Duke basketball needs more from sophomore point guard in order to win

The Duke basketball team needs more from Tyrese Proctor in order to reach its potential
Duke v Notre Dame
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Tyrese Proctor, the talented point guard for the Duke basketball team, holds the key to unlocking the squad's full potential.

Despite some fluctuations in his performance this season, he has yet to meet the expectations many had for him. While an ankle injury caused him to miss a few games in December, Proctor has yet to tap into his full potential even upon his return.

Not primarily known for scoring, but rather as a pass-first point guard, Proctor plays a crucial role in Duke's offense when its flow is intricately linked to his performance.

When he's fully engaged and aggressive, the offense adopts a seamless rhythm marked by fluid ball movement and active player involvement due to his elite playmaking. Furthermore, he becomes a defensive focal point, adding an extra layer of threat on the floor.

Duke's ceiling is a National Championship if Tyrese Proctor can unlock his potential and ascend to an All-American level. The key lies in his self-recognition of being one of the most talented players in college basketball. 

The sidelining of Jeremy Roach, which isn't expected to be much longer due to injury, creates a conspicuous void in on-court leadership at Duke, setting the stage for Proctor to step into this pivotal role.

In a team characterized by a general lack of vocal players, Proctor, acknowledged as one of the most vocal members on the roster, faces the challenge of significantly amplifying his presence, especially during adversity.

In late-game situations, Duke traditionally turns to Kyle Filipowski or Jeremy Roach for pivotal plays. However, with Roach unavailable, Proctor's assertiveness becomes even more indispensable, requiring him to take charge and guide the team through critical phases of the game.

As he grapples with unlocking his full potential, Duke will focus on getting Jeremy Roach and Mark Mitchell healthy as they find themselves on the road for the next three of four games.

Let's hope the next storyline doesn't involve any Duke struggles.