Duke basketball moving onto next recruiting prospect after missing on VJ Edgecombe

The Duke basketball program is looking to add to its 2024 recruiting class.
Khaman Madit Maluach of South Sudan seen in action during...
Khaman Madit Maluach of South Sudan seen in action during... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Jon Scheyer and his Duke basketball coaching staff are gearing up for a significant weekend, playing host to the highly touted elite center Khaman Maluach.

Stepping into Cameron for the first time, Maluach is poised to immerse himself in the complete Duke experience, attending the Blue Devil game against Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Securing Maluach’s commitment would undoubtedly solidify Duke’s incoming class, an already formidable lineup featuring the nation’s top player, Cooper Flagg, alongside standout prospects Darren Harris, Isaiah Evans, Kon Kneuppel, and Patrick Ngongba.

Amid the potential departures of notable Blue Devils, such as NBA draft prospects Kyle Filipowski, Tyrese Proctor, Mark Mitchell, and possibly Jared McCain, along with the upcoming graduations of Jeremy Roach and Ryan Young, an alluring role and substantial responsibility eagerly await Maluach at Duke.

Should he choose to join this esteemed program, he would seamlessly step into a critical position within the team appears highly promising.

Khaman Malauch is a very agile and quick player end-to-end.

He runs the floor well and covers a lot of ground quickly. He transitions from defense to offense in the blink of an eye and is a lob threat (vertical spacer) in transition. He plays extremely hard and has soft hands, allowing him to catch passes on the move or in a crowd.

He’s very active on defense as he boasts an incredible 7-foot-6 wingspan, enabling him to block or alter shots, providing a significant defensive advantage. The downside is that his youth often shows as he tries to block everything and tends to bite on pump fakes, putting him out of position and picking up silly fouls.

Maluach demonstrates a nice touch on his jumper, extending his range to 3-point territory, making him a multifaceted scoring threat. Enhancing his physical strength should be a priority, as it will help him finish plays through contact and enable him to hold his position on the block.

Playing in the BAL, where he consistently faces formidable opponents with more significant experience and strength, he often finds himself overpowered on the court. His progress has been remarkable as he is just 17 years old and embarked on his basketball journey as recently as 2019.

With the prospect of having a dedicated player development coach on staff at whichever college he attends, there is a strong expectation that his ongoing improvement trajectory will be nothing short of impressive.

Finally, his prowess in offensive rebounding underscores an innate ability to secure valuable second-chance opportunities. Exhibiting a high motor, Maluach injects the court with energy and intensity, a testament to his commendable work ethic on full display.

Khaman Maluach has the potential to be dominant on both ends, providing that he falls into a situation that will prioritize him on offense and allow him and his natural gifts to anchor their post-defense. Some are tagging him as a defender when there is so much more to his game than just defense. More often than not, Khaman will find himself as the most dominant player on the court at the collegiate level, and depending on what school he chooses, his offensive role can vary.

Frequently mentioned in NBA circles is the crucial concept of “space,” which aligns seamlessly with Khaman’s strengths. Khaman’s solid shooting ability is a game-changer, fostering a more balanced floor and creating valuable space. Moreover, his development into a knockdown shooter from the NBA arc will be critical. It will increase his gravity on the offensive end, allowing him to draw the defensive away from the basket, thereby unlocking opportunities for perimeter players to attack the rim aggressively. With sustained development, Maluach stands poised to evolve into a pivotal asset on both ends of the court, making substantial contributions to his team’s overall success.

In the grand scheme, Maluach is poised to significantly impact college and projects to be a good professional player. Anticipation mounts as we eagerly await positive updates following his visit to Duke.