Coin toss could determine No. 1 seed in ACC Tournament between Duke basketball or UNC

A heads or tails could provide the most dramatic seconds in the rivalry
Duke v North Carolina
Duke v North Carolina / Peyton Williams/GettyImages

Do you think you have seen everything in the rivalry between the Duke basketball program and North Carolina?

Well, think again.

There is a scenario where a coin toss could decide who is the No. 1 seed in ACC Tournament next week, the Blue Devils or Tar Heels.

It all depends on the outcome of the slate of games on Saturday afternoon.

Of the 128 scenarios of how the seeding could be determined, two feature a coin toss between the rivals.

The first scenario has Duke defeating North Carolina on Saturday night in the rematch between the two teams inside Cameron Indoor Stadium. It would also need Notre Dame, Miami, Boston College, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, and Virginia to win.

The other scenario also has the Blue Devils topping the Tar Heels and wins from Notre Dame, Miami, Louisville, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, and Virginia.

So, the only game that has no impact on the potential coin toss is Boston College and Louisville, which might be the most unpredictable game of the weekend.

If North Carolina beats Duke, the Tar Heels will be the No. 1 seed in Washington D.C. and the Blue Devils will be No. 2, but things get tricky if Jon Scheyer's team wins and tiebreakers determine who gets to have the most rest while making a run to the championship.

North Carolina State vs. Pittsburgh and Georgia Tech vs. Virginia will tipoff after Duke and Carolina, so the seeds might not be known until after 10:00 p.m. ET.

Regardless, it would be great television if ESPN brought out Jon Scheyer and Hubert Davis in the middle of an empty Cameron Indoor Stadium after the Yellow Jackets and Cavaliers game and had Rece Davis flip a coin at halfcourt to determine the No. 1 seed.

Would it be a coin that was half Duke and half Carolina. Would one of the coaches call it? Who would get to choose?

There are so many questions that might just be answered soon enough.

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