BetMGM NC Bonus Code Breakdown for New Mobile Sports Bettors 

Bet $5, get an instant $150 bonus!


Mobile sports betting launched in North Carolina last week and you can celebrate with guaranteed bonus bets at BetMGM!

BetMGM is offering you $150 in bonus bets just for signing up and betting your first $5 or more – even if your bet doesn’t win. 

BetMGM NC Bonus Code: Bet $5, Get $150 

Here’s how you can claim your $150 bonus:

  1. Sign up with BetMGM Sportsbook with this link (no promo code needed)
  2. Verify your identity and location
  3. Deposit $10 or more
  4. Bet $5 or more 

It doesn’t matter what you wager on and it doesn’t matter if it wins or loses.

You’ll get your bonus bets no matter what as long as you deposit $10+ and bet $5+ on any wager. 

Now that you know how to unlock your bonus bets, let’s make sure you know how to use them.

What are Bonus Bets? 

Bonus bets give you the chance to win without having to risk your own money. 

Your bonus bets will arrive in the form of three $50 bet credits that you can use on any of the many betting markets available at BetMGM.

Using them is easy to understand.

How to Use Bonus Bets? 

Bonus Bet Pros

Bonus Bet Cons

A chance to win without risking your own cash

The value of your bonus won't be returned to you (only your winnings)

Gives you an opportunity to get comfortable with sports betting

Bonus is segmented into three $50 bet credits rather than a pool of bonus bets

Can be used on any wagers, including parlays and futures bets

Expire if not used within a week of claiming this offer

The process for using bonus bets is nearly identical to betting with real money from your account. 

All you have to do is select a wager to add it to your bet slip. Then, select the option to apply one of your bonus bets and place the wager.

If your bet wins, you’ll get your winnings as if you placed the wager with real money!

What is Moneyline Betting? 

Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on a team or player to win an event. 

This is one of the most simple and pure forms of betting because you don’t need to worry about covering a spread or a team scoring a certain amount of points.

If you bet on the moneyline and the team or player you back wins, you’ll win your wager!

Teams and players favored on the moneyline will have “minus” odds and underdogs will have plus odds. 

For instance, if you bet $100 on Duke favored at -150 odds and it wins, you’d profit $66.67. If you placed that same $100 on a team with +150 odds and it wins, you’d profit $150. 

What is Spread Betting? 

The spread was created to even the playing field when teams were favored by too much on the moneyline. 

When you bet on a team that’s favored to win, that team will have to win by a specific amount of points to cover the spread.

For instance, if you bet on Duke to win a game and it’s -8 on the spread, the Blue Devils would have to win by at least nine points. If it won by eight, it would result in a push and you would have the money you risked returned to you. 

If you bet on a team that’s an underdog at +8 on the spread, it could cover the spread by winning the game or losing by seven points or less. 

Odds on the spread are typically close to pick ‘em (+100 to -115), which means there’s close to a 50/50 chance of it hitting. 

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.