Duke basketball: Cameron Boozer can carry the legacy forward

Duke basketball recruiting target Cameron Boozer (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke basketball recruiting target Cameron Boozer (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

Duke basketball recruiting target Cameron Boozer can carry his legacy in Durham. 

When you hear the last name Boozer, Carlos Boozer, the former NBA and Duke basketball great, may come to mind.

However, this association is rapidly evolving with the emergence of his son, Cameron Boozer, a super skilled 6-foot-9 forward who is already making a name for himself.

Boozer is currently the No. 1 player in the 2025 class and it’s difficult to see that changing.

He’s coming off a spectacular performance in the FIBA U16 Tournament, where he was named as the Most Valuable Player due to his shooting, playmaking, and scoring.

Boozer is an excellent rebounder, both in and out of the area, and his passing skills are elite.

Additionally, he demonstrates great ball-handling ability and initiates offense effectively while he leaves his imprint on the game with his magnetism and selflessness.

The Florida native finds ways to propel his team to victory, even when struggling to score the ball.

Cameron Boozer has phenomenal hands and catches virtually anything in traffic, finishing with finesse or power above the rim. Despite being right-handed, he predominantly utilizes his left hand for various shots around the rim.


He even tends to drive to the left most of the time and he’s a highly physical player who excels in rebounding on both ends of the court.

Boozer does an exceptional job of securing rebounds outside of his area and has very clean footwork which helps him get into his inside/out scoring bag and wreak havoc on the defense.

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His jumpshot is a real weapon, as his shooting numbers suggest, connecting on 70-percent of his field goals on the EYBL circuit and 56.7-percent this season in high school.  FG (40% from 3PT)

He is efficient from deep, 40-percent in EYBL and 37.6-percent at school, and doesn’t rely solely on the fact that he is a good shooter by playing a balanced and intelligent floor game, taking what the defense gives him and rarely forcing the action.

His court vision and IQ are top-notch, and his ability to read the defense and make quick, accurate passes makes him a valuable asset in today’s game that focuses on a lot of spacing with ball and player movement.

Duke basketball relationship with family a major benefit

Cameron Boozer is able to effectively defend both post and perimeter players and possesses great strength as it’s evident that he has received excellent coaching, as he is rarely out of position on defense.

He consistently blocks a significant number of shots, and he pleasantly surprises with his skill in the passing lanes, where he gathers a good numbers of steals.

He is an aware off-ball defender, which allows him to be a great team defender.

The connection with the Duke basketball program is quite evident, also.

Cameron’s father, Carlos Boozer, played for Mike Krzyzewski and was a star at Duke from 1999 to 2002, winning the National Championship in 2001.

Although Cameron plays a different brand of basketball than his father, Carlos was no slouch.

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He was a bruising post player who could step out and hit a mid range jumper with consistency.

The elder Boozer still maintains a great relationship with Krzyzewski and Jon Scheyer and frequently visits Duke and the basketball team for different events.

While Cameron has downplayed the Duke connection, citing that he’s only been on campus a few times. He has expressed his desire to play in an elite defensive system, which aligns well with Jon Scheyer’s defensive-first approach.

There are also some elements of Cameron’s game that remind people of former Duke star and current NBA Rookie of the Year, Paolo Banchero.

Both players possess exceptional skills in ball handling, shooting, and passing.

Additionally, they are highly talented athletes who combine finesse and power in their playing style.

Coach K utilized Banchero as the team’s primary scorer and strategically placed him in positions that proved to be successful for both the team and his individual development and you would imagine Scheyer employing a similar approach with Boozer.

Cameron Boozer is an exceptional talent at an elite level and has the potential to be a one-and-done player, if he decides to attend college.

While he certainly has the option to pursue a professional career, it appears that he is currently prioritizing his development and enjoying his high school experience, preparing for whatever lies ahead.

As he carries the Boozer name forward, Cameron is poised to leave his mark on the basketball world and create his own legacy.

Let’s just hope attending Duke will be a part of that legacy.

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