Ranking each Duke basketball player by their CTC intro song

Duke basketball guard Trevor Keels (Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke basketball guard Trevor Keels (Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports) /
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13. Duke basketball junior forward Keenan Worthington

I may have to check the tape on this, but I believe Keenan Worthington went with the same song as he did last year. His choice was “Give me Everything” by Pitbull and Ne-Yo. This is a song that was played everywhere back in 2012. It’s a little old, but it’s still a good song nonetheless.

The Worthington dance moves certainly lacked rhythm, but I give him credit for at least trying. The Cameron Crazies seemed to be into it as it was a song I’m sure they all grew up on.

14. Duke basketball grad senior forward Bates Jones

Davidson transfer Bates Jones comes in last on my rankings. I thought the song choice was weak. It was “Levels” by Avicii. It sounds more like a song that would be in the background of a YouTube video rather than a song to get crunk to in a starting introduction.

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Also, Jones performed no dance moves and only offered up a couple of claps and a point to the sky. The biggest reason why I put him last is that he did not even dap up all of the Crazies on the first row as all the other players did.