Ranking each Duke basketball player in the Blue-White games

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10. Evaluating Blue-White Duke basketball contributor Michael Savarino

Combined stats for Michael Savarino:

  • 23 minutes
  • Three points
  • 1-for-4 from the field, 1-for-3 from three
  • One rebound
  • One assist
  • Two steals
  • Zero blocks
  • Two turnovers

Michael Savarino, the grandson of Mike Krzyzewski, was the most enthusiastic Blue Devil with his intro dance in front of the Cameron Crazies that preceded the scrimmages. Plus, for a few minutes, it looked as if the 6-foot, 180-pound former walk-on — a lifelong Durham resident — could end up as the only man to hear anything other than a clang from downtown on Friday night.

As one might have expected, though, Savarino often got lost in the mix after his early 3-point swish due to his relative deficiencies in the size and athleticism departments. Although the junior point guard did take care of some dirty work and hustled throughout his extended stay on the floor, he rarely handled the ball out front and often just hung out in the corner hunting open looks.

But he never knocked down another one after his first. And chances are Savarino won’t ever see anywhere close to 23 minutes in a night again unless monumental injury woes plague the Blue Devils.

Player grade: 72 (C-)