Ranking each Duke basketball player in the Blue-White games

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T11. Evaluating the last three Blue-White Duke basketball contributors

Combined stats for Stanley Borden, Spencer Hubbard, and Keenan Worthington:

  • Three minutes
  • Zero points
  • 0-for-1 from the field
  • One rebound
  • Zero assists
  • Zero steals
  • Zero blocks
  • Zero turnovers

Freshman walk-on center Stanley Borden, sophomore walk-on point guard Spencer Hubbard, and junior scholarship power forward Keenan Worthington never left the bench in the first scrimmage, which ended in a 22-22 tie. Then they didn’t come in for Team Blue until 1:21 to go in the second bout, a 34-14 win for Team White on the backs of a probable AJ Griffin-less starting five.

Therefore, there is little to judge here from any of the three. Hubbard grabbed an uncontested defensive rebound. Borden somewhat boldly attempted a turnaround fadeaway from eight feet over Paolo Banchero, but the result was a brick off the back of the rim. Meanwhile, Worthington never touched the ball.

And that was that between the trio.

Player grades: Incomplete