Ranking each Duke basketball player in the Blue-White games

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2. Evaluating Blue-White Duke basketball contributor Trevor Keels

Combined stats for Trevor Keels:

  • 24 minutes
  • 19 points
  • 8-for-15 from the field, 3-for-7 from three
  • Five rebounds
  • Five assists
  • Two steals
  • Zero blocks
  • Zero turnovers

Flourishing in tandem with Mark Williams, Trevor Keels was pivotal in Team White’s statement 15-2 run that left no doubt about the outcome of the second scrimmage around its midway point. During that prolific three-minute stretch, the former five-star prep from Virginia — one of seven McDonald’s All-Americans on the entire Blue Devil roster — was arguably the leader.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound combo guard stood out. He did so by being what the analysts here at Ball Durham and elsewhere all predicted him to be: a Swiss Army Knife backcourt weapon. A beast on the boards for his position. A skilled passer. A silky scorer. An alert, sneaky defender, as he exhibited in sparking Team White’s clicking-on-all-cylinders blitz attack.

Sure, his speed may come into question against the loads of lightfooted perimeter foes he’ll face as a freshman. But it seems Keels has the necessary refinement in his all-around game to hoop with the best. That much is already evident. And as Mike Krzyzewski recently noted, the 18-year-old put up the team’s best score on its recent individual stamina tests.

Perhaps that stamina level was the difference late on Friday night.

Player grade: 93 (A)