Duke basketball: 5 games you have to see in person this season

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Duke basketball (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Duke basketball
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All Duke basketball games will be quite a spectacle, but several stand out.

I shouldn’t complain. The fact that Duke basketball even had a season last year was a blessing in itself. In the troubled times of COVID, having a positive outlet — well, mostly positive — was a sight for sore souls.

While the Duke Blue Devils weren’t exactly pleasant to watch last year, they still provided entertainment week in and week out. This year, however, will add a vital element that the Dukies sorely missed during their 2020-21 run.

The Cameron Crazies; yes, watching those nerds dance to Cascada is one of like five things that bring adult Matt joy anymore.

With that joyous note in mind, I give you fine folks the five games you should spring to go and see this season. This list is in no particular order, and as I write this in late August, the conference schedule hasn’t been posted yet. Some games are extremely safe to assume are happening, though (looking your way, Carolina).

All right, enough of me yakking, let’s get to it…