Each Duke basketball player’s chance of returning next season

Duke basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
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Which current guys in Durham will be on the 2021-22 Duke basketball roster?

My grandfather used to tell me, “Idle hands are the Devil’s work.” I have to say, of all the things he’s been right about, I bet he never saw one as literal as this…

During the COVID-19 hiatus that our beloved Duke basketball players took last month, the idle hands began pondering, and as a result, I’ve decided to ponder the future of said current Blue Devils themselves. The only thing that had been keeping this post in my head and off your screen was the need to see our guys in action a few more games to make informed decisions.

This article is just like the one I wrote in early March last year (I just got sad rereading it as I drank in the words and realized that past Matt had no clue the ACC Tournament was four days away from being canceled).

One thing to note that is unlike last year is there will be nobody populating the “100 percent certain to leave” category as the NCAA has granted all current winter athletes an extra year of eligibility. I was surprised as anyone to see the vampires in Indianapolis care about the athletes’ future, but I won’t stop to ask questions.

Another thing to note is that I got every evaluation right last go-round except for Joey Baker and Alex O’Connell, whom I crisscrossed in regards to who transferred and who returned.

Without further ado, let’s get into it with our 99 percenters…