Duke basketball: Conference play report card for Week 1

Duke basketball (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke basketball (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Defensive assessment for Duke basketball in Week 1 of ACC play: A

As Mike Krzyzewski was quick to point out following the Notre Dame game, the Blue Devils exemplified great defense this week that was reflected in forced turnovers and rebounding.

Against the Fighting Irish, the Blue Devils forced 12 turnovers that resulted in 14 points at the other end of the floor. Duke’s ability to forcefully contest each and every one of Notre Dame’s possessions to rattle the Irish into committing turnovers was surely a huge help in this 10-point win.

The Blue Devils also beat Notre Dame in rebounding this week. Duke grabbed 33 rebounds to Notre Dame’s 23, showing this team isn’t afraid to get physical in order to earn its next possession.

Now, it’s time to see which Blue Devils made the Week 1 honor roll…