Duke basketball legends the current Blue Devils should be for Halloween

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Fitting costumes for Duke basketball players are found in past Blue Devils.

I used to think Halloween was overrated. I used to be that insufferable teenager, a Duke basketball fan who thought it was an overrated holiday that slowed down the time until Thanksgiving.

My, how time changes things. Well, more specifically, time and perspective. Whether it was the younger me getting to see how awesome Halloween is when out and about with friends, or now getting to see how happy the kids are running around the neighborhood, I’m fully on board with the holiday.

To celebrate my newfound appreciation for All Hallows’ Eve, I thought I’d do something a little different with this year’s version of the Blue Devils. I’m going to take the nine guys most likely to contribute this season for Duke and determine which of the program’s former players each one should want to be for Halloween this year.

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This is in no way a prediction of a starting five or a rotation, and the names are in no particular order. So without further ado, let’s get rolling here with a look at which former Blue Devil the current senior guard in Durham, Jordan Goldwire, ought to be for Halloween. And we don’t need to go back in time too far at all to find the most fitting costume…