Ranking all 36 Duke basketball jersey numbers ever worn

Duke basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
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Pick Analysis. NOT RETIRED. Jersey No. 3. T17. player. 434. Scouting Report. NINE PLAYERS

Judging jersey No. 3 by the Duke basketball players who wore it

In reverse chronological order (best in bold):

  • Tre Jones
  • Grayson Allen
  • Tyler Thornton
  • Greg Paulus
  • Nick Horvath
  • Justin Caldbeck
  • Ricky Price
  • Marty Clark
  • Phil Henderson

Retired or not (worth 100 points if so): Not

NCAA Tournament titles (worth 10 points each): Allen in 2015, Horvath in 2001, Clark in 1992, Clark in 1991

Final Four appearances (five points each): Allen in 2015, Horvath in 2004, Horvath in 2001, Henderson in 1990, Henderson in 1989, Henderson in 1988

ACC or Southern Tournament trophies (five points each): Jones in 2019, Allen in 2017, Thornton in 2011, Paulus in 2009, Paulus in 2006, Horvath in 2003, Horvath in 2002, Horvath in 2001, Horvath in 2000, Henderson in 1988

Naismith Player of the Year awards (50 points each): None

NABC Defensive Player of the Year winners (four points each): None

Consensus All-American selections (four points each): None

ACC or Southern Player of the Year crowns (four points each): None

All-ACC or All-Southern honors (two points each): Jones in 2020, Jones in 2019 (honorable mention counts), Allen in 2018, Allen in 2016, Paulus in 2008, Price in 1996, Henderson in 1990

First-round draft picks (two points each): Allen in 2018

Members of 1,000-point club (two points each): Allen, Paulus, Price, Henderson

Players who averaged less than five points (subtract five points each): Thornton, Horvath, Caldbeck

Number of players (one point each): Nine