Duke basketball: Jayson Tatum and son, Deuce, partner on Father’s Day

Former Duke basketball star Jayson Tatum and his son, Deuce, after a game.
Former Duke basketball star Jayson Tatum and his son, Deuce, after a game. /

Former Duke basketball star Jayson Tatum has created a campaign with his son Deuce to help infants in his hometown of St. Louis.

Jayson Tatum continues to do good work in his community as the former Duke basketball player has now partnered with the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank to raise money and diapers for families in the community.

Tatum and his son, Deuce, are creating the campaign “Daddy and Deuce Diaper Drive” through the Jayson Tatum Foundation.

St. Louis, Tatum’s hometown, has many families that are in need, and the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic struggles have put a greater emphasis on infants needing diapers.

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The goal for the diaper drive is 1,000,000 diapers within the next 30 days, and fans can either help contribute by donating diapers or by making a monetary donation by following the instructions in Jayson Tatum’s Instagram post.


The current Boston Celtics star highlighted the fact that one-in-three babies do not have enough diapers in St. Louis and fans that donate have the chance to win an autographed basketball by the NBA All-Star.

This is not the first time throughout the pandemic that Jayson Tatum has attempted to raise money for either his hometown of St. Louis or his NBA city of Boston as the No. 3 overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft donated money and meals to both cities to help those affected by the virus.

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Tatum also auctioned off a once-in-a-lifetime day with him as part of the All-In Challenge, in which fans have the chance to sit courtside at a Boston Celtics game, win game-worn memorabilia from Tatum, and go out to dinner with him following the game.

When announcing he was joining the All-In Challenge, Tatum joked that the winner would be able to have his son Deuce for the day.

Once again, this action by Jayson Tatum shows that he is not only one of the best players in the NBA, but he also truly wants to use his platform to give back and help those who are not as fortunate as he is.