Duke basketball: Agent should’ve hired Dukie to sue Zion Williamson

Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

The lawsuit against a famous Duke basketball legend is comically crumbling.

According to Dana O’Neil of The Athletic, the office of Dr. Douglas J. Kosek, a South Bend, Ind., resident who recently started an “NCAA, LLC” for his dental practice, received a suspicious subpoena on Wednesday from the attorneys for Gina Ford seeking info about hoop-related matters. Of course, Ford is the former marketing agent of Zion Williamson who is suing the 2018-19 Duke basketball one-and-done for backing out of what now appears to be a bogus contract.

Ford has also threatened to subpoena both the 6-foot-6, 284-pound NBA rookie sensation himself and Hall of Fame Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski in a seemingly desperate attempt to prove Williamson was not technically a student-athlete, alleging that his family received impermissible benefits while he was a Blue Devil.

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Evidently, she’s doing business with a law firm incapable of finding the actual address to the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. Shucks, that can’t be too promising. Also, a Florida court granted Williamson a full stay earlier this week; per a tweet from sports attorney Daniel Wallach, “this means that he will not have to answer Ford’s discovery requests — for now — as the venue shifts to N.C.”

Well, well, maybe Ford should’ve shelled out the big bucks to seek out a Duke-grad lawyer instead. Because whether it was someone who shared a lot of “classes” at North Carolina with athletes during the university’s infamous academic scandal or someone too lazy to spot the difference between a dental office and a nonprofit organization governing college athletics, someone working for the law firm she chose managed to make a boneheaded mistake that no Dukie could match.

OK, so the Duke basketball head coach must be behind this error, right?

Naturally, pitiful haters of the Blue Devils are now pushing their conspiracy theories one step further by asserting that Krzyzewski must have somehow played a hand in the mixup. Here’s the censored version of what “Reags” at Barstool Sports penned in response to the latest news (and might even honestly believe):

“This has to be fake…How do you have this huge case against Zion Williamson, one at the least could be settled out of court and you get a decent chunk of money, and send the subpoena to a [swear against God] dentist? How do you not know that the NCAA is located in Indianapolis — not South Bend, where Notre Dame is. You know how? Coach K [F-bombed] with the mail…It has to be a Coach K ploy, it just has to.”

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But Barstool wasn’t through flinging the type of nonsense that message boards for UNC and Kentucky fans proudly encourage:

“You’re telling me you don’t think Coach K had something to do with this? Kinda fishy it went to South Bend where Mike Brey, a former Coach K assistant coach? Hmm. Just starting to connect the dots that these garbage attorneys couldn’t do…How do you not do the slightest bit of research? Also, how does a company have the NCAA name?”

Now for the oh-so-thoughtful conclusion from Barstool:

“Something is fishy. I don’t like the smell of it. [F-bomb] Duke.”

Ouch. Yikes. Giggles. So what were once tiresome attacks on Zion Williamson and the integrity of the Duke basketball program have suddenly become comedy acts. Good stuff. Keep it coming.

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