Duke basketball: Highly recommended morning alarm for Blue Devils

Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

The best part of waking up can be sweet Duke basketball sounds in your cup.

Generic morning alarm sounds are known to provoke pillow-slinging temper tantrums. Choosing a different song to wake up to each day instead, well, that’s like deciding on Monday what you’ll feel like having for dinner on Tuesday. Thanks to the Duke basketball social media gurus, though, a 19-second mixtape now exists that should stimulate enough positive Blue Devil senses to have Dukies enthusiastically emerging from any deep sleep.

Sure, older fans may need to ask a grandkid how to turn the soundbite in the tweet below into an alarm tone on their smartphone. Furthermore, elderly folks would be wise to consult with their doctors before attempting in the early hours all the 360-rolls off the bed, pretend buzzer-beater follow-throughs, and two-handed floor slaps that the beautiful noises are sure to promote.

Have a listen:

All the energy we can draw from delightful Duke basketball memories

I, for one, can think of no more fitting eye-opener in the morning than the fervent roar from lead Duke basketball radio announcer David Shumate as he reacted to the last-second putback by Wendell Moore last season that knocked off North Carolina on its home floor.

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Next, I can think of no easier way to remind myself how wonderful it is just to be alive every day than to enjoy the “Hey, what’s up, what’s up” chant from the overjoyed Blue Devils in the Dean E. Smith Center’s visitor locker room following the unbelievable comebacks in both regulation and overtime on that epic Feb. 8 night.

Also, I can think of no more effective method to get the blood pumping as the sun comes up than to hear the play-by-play from a Cam Reddish statement swish during Duke’s 23-point comeback win at Louisville on Jan. 12, 2019, overlapping with the Shumate scream that marked the then-freshman wing’s game-winning 3-pointer at Florida State exactly one month earlier.

Finally, I can think of no more surefire spark to feeling ready to take on the day than the in-awe responses of Shumate and ESPN commentator Dick Vitale as Zion Williamson woke up the Cameron Crazies with his now-legendary 360-dunk against Clemson on Jan. 5, 2019.

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Again, this article just serves as my friendly alarm recommendation to all Duke fans; OK, I must confess that part of my motivation in writing this was to have an excuse to mention that glorious miracle in Chapel Hill just one more time.

Yet for those like me who have a habit of hitting “snooze” in the morning far too many times, just keep in mind that the solution going forward may be as simple as channeling your inner Zion. Do be sure, of course, to stretch a little before leaping toward the coffeemaker from some makeshift free throw line.

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