Duke basketball: The three steps to replacing Cameron Crazies

Duke basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
Duke basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

How the Duke basketball program could replace Cameron Crazies: STEP THREE

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Sure, not all fans would give a hoot about their voices or faces from home being a part of the Cameron Indoor Stadium atmosphere; nevertheless, those same fans likely wouldn’t object to seeing and hearing others in the crowd. Plus, remember that Blue Devil hoops junkies are, on average, notoriously extravagant and showy when it comes to their fandom.

Consider that the official Duke basketball social media team has amassed more than double the followers of any NCAA counterpart. Also, keep in mind the exorbitant amounts that well-to-do Duke faithful have been willing to fork over in the past for tickets, apparel, autographs, memorabilia, meetings with Mike Krzyzewski, etc.

All this suggests there should easily be 9,314 of them who would spend a considerable sum for the opportunity to virtually appear and cheer inside the structure that they view as heaven on earth. As for just how much these Duke nuts would be willing to pony up, well, that depends on how many goodies come with the deal.

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How much might one pay if the deal included the option at any point during or after games to stream his or her own unique live feed from the screen/webcam in one’s designated “seat”? Granted, ESPN and the other broadcasters would have to give the OK for such a venture. Yet with the right slick talker from Duke and enough public pressure in light of the circumstances, that doesn’t seem completely out of the question.

How about some sort of care package in the mail, including player autographs, an individual “ticket” in a nice frame, a thank-you note from Coach K, and a collectible game program?

Listen, these are just ideas; admittedly, some might come with unforeseen obstacles that could prove exceedingly difficult or even impossible to overcome (feel free to provide your own thoughts in the comment section below). And obviously no amount of technology or money could truly replace the Cameron Crazies.

But the presumed reality of minimal allowed attendance at indoor sporting events for the foreseeable future may leave Duke with no other choice than to think outside the box — that is, if the Blue Devils intend to keep Cameron rocking while maintaining their seat on the college basketball throne.

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