Duke basketball: RJ Barrett striving to be better than Michael Jordan

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Former Duke basketball player RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Former Duke basketball superstar RJ Barrett said in a recent interview that he's striving to be better than Michael Jordan, as all basketball players should be doing.

RJ Barrett is one of the many younger basketball players that grew up idolizing LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and others.

Barrett went as far as to say that he believed James was the best player of all time on his appearance on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt on Monday night, but The Last Dance changed the mind of the former Duke basketball superstar.

After watching the 10-episode documentary, Barrett now believes that Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time, and the Canadian rising star is striving to be better than Jordan, as all basketball players should be.

RJ Barrett's entire interview with Scott Van Pelt can be seen here:

Barrett, who was not born during Jordan's run with the Chicago Bulls, was fascinated how quickly the Hall of Famer changed the culture of the organization with his mindset and work ethic, and Barrett's father, Rowan Barrett Sr., told him to study Jordan's game as a young player.

The current young star of the New York Knicks basically expressed the sentiments that if you are not working to be the best player ever, why are you even playing basketball in the first place?

RJ Barrett and Michael Jordan share being stars at ACC schools and being the No. 3 overall picks in their respective drafts to iconic NBA franchises.

In his first season with the Knicks, Barrett has played in 56 games, averaging 14.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.0 steals per game on 40.2 percent shooting from the field and 32.0 percent from 3-point territory.

The 6-foot-6 guard also said in his interview that he's staying ready and in shape for the resumption of the NBA season by working out in his basement and driveway with friends.

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New York is in the midst of yet another tough season with a 21-45 record.

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