Duke basketball holds virtual graduation ceremony for senior class

Duke basketball (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Duke basketball program held a virtual graduation for its senior class via The Brotherhood Connect on Monday evening since the group could not be properly recognized because of COVID-19.

High school and college seniors around the country are experiencing alterations with their graduation plans because of the coronavirus, and while many ceremonies are being held online, the Duke basketball program also stepped up to help out.

Duke University held its online commencement on Sunday, May 10, but due to the lack of personal recognition and achievement that would have been shown in an in-person event, Nolan Smith, the Director of Basketball Operations, had a second virtual ceremony for those graduating from the program.

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On the latest episode of The Brotherhood Connect, Smith had on senior team managers Jack Tauber, Michael Scheinert, Ronald Dombrowski, and Neb Tibebu.

The group talked about their favorite memories as team managers, the commitment and sacrifices it took to make sure everything was running smoothly, and what advice they would give to their fellow students who are trying to become managers.

Smith then brought on the senior players in Jack White, Javin DeLaurier, and Justin Robinson.

The trio, who all have two ACC Tournament Championships, went into detail regarding their four years, five in Robinson’s case, and what it truly meant to be a Duke basketball player.

Smith asked the players what their favorite memories were as students at Duke, as well as basketball players, and took some questions from fans in the 40 minutes the players shared.

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It’s unclear the potential basketball future of the three as DeLaurier and White plan to pursue some career on the court while Robinson, well versed in just about everything, will have his options very open with a Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Masters Degree in Management Studies.

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Jack White, Javin DeLaurier, and Justin Robinson poured their heart and soul into the Duke basketball program, and fans should be appreciative of the efforts of all three players and wish them well on all their future endeavors.