The top five ‘what if’ Duke basketball seasons of all time

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Duke basketball
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2018-19 Blue Devils. 1A. 434. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. 32-6 overall. 14-4 ACC. player


THE RESULT: Lost in Regional Final to Michigan State

I know what you’re thinking, “He only said he was doing five?” Well, as I got to No. 1, I realized I had forgotten a real gut-wrencher, and who am I to deny misery? Plus, any chance I have to remember the Duke basketball movie that was Zion Williamson is a chance I’m going to take.

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You all remember the game. Duke and Michigan St went back and forth only to see Sparty take a lead on a late 3-pointer, a lead they never let go of. Now, if you go back and watch the tape — it’s tough, I know — you’ll notice Zion being absolutely pulled to the ground about three different times down the stretch with nay a whistle to be heard.

Excuses are tired, however, and referees had nothing to do with Tre Jones letting Cassius Winston drop 20. Also, the zebras don’t make RJ Barrett miss a game-tying free throw in the final moments.

I also considered putting the 2017-2018 squad on this list due to the concrete fact that Wendell Carter’s feet were set. I refer to previous comments on referees, though, as Grayson Allen had two shots at winning, and let’s be honest with ourselves: nobody was beating Villanova that year.