Fantasy dunk contest: Recent Duke basketball risers vs. NPOY Obi Toppin

Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Duke basketball forward Zion Williamson (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
Former Duke basketball forward and current NBA rookie Zion Williamson (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

Zion Williamson

I’m not sure if I have ever seen a player captivate a nation in just 33 games played.

Zion Williamson had more hype surrounding him entering Duke than just about any other player in recent memory, and he might have had more hype around him than any other player entering college basketball, period.

The only aspect of his game that Williamson disappointed was that he didn’t break a backboard during the game, not counting the one he shattered in the Duke Student Center following the 2018-19 season.

Zion dunked through people, he dunked over people, and he dunked around people.

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The highlight dunk of Williamson’s Duke basketball career came against Clemson where the 6-foot-7 mammoth pulled off a 360 slam on a fast break that sent Cameron Indoor Stadium into a frenzy.

Listing Zion Williamson’s memorable dunks would be way too long, but he was not just a one-hit-wonder. He slams with the same ferocity in the NBA, despite just 19 games played, but the rim he bent in the Rising Stars Challenge speaks volumes.

The world waits in anticipation for Williamson to enter the Slam Dunk Contest in his NBA career, hopefully in the near future.

Zion Williamson Dunk Rating: 9.6/10