Three best Duke basketball greats to have as quarantine-mates

Duke basketball (Photo by Peyton Williams/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Peyton Williams/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
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The selfless peacemaker

Talk about charitable. Weeks ago, former Duke basketball sensation and current New Orleans Pelicans showman Zion Williamson pledged to pay the salaries of every Smoothie King Center worker for 30 days while the NBA season remains on pause. As for how the 2019 NBA Draft’s No. 1 overall pick would contribute to this imaginary Cameron Indoor Stadium quarantine, well, where do we start?

Not only does Williamson appear in almost every respect to be more concerned with the welfare of others than his own, but he also exhibits a smile and easy-going demeanor that should have the power to calm this shelter-in-place crew’s potential disagreements. In other words, he should be able to step right in when things get heated between Shane Battier’s common sense and Kyrie Irving’s nonsense.

Additionally, considering his seven-figure Gatorade endorsement, I’d assume we’d benefit from constant shipments of essential electrolytes. Yet on an even more selfish note, I’d like to have Williamson around so that I can further develop a certain expertise in hopes of one day landing my ultimate dream job: dunk-contest judge.

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In conclusion, I certainly don’t wish for quarantines to become the new normal. And I definitely wouldn’t expect to ever be a part of the above cast even if they were. But I have now successfully wasted some time during my own social distancing by deciding on which three Duke basketball greats, each from a different generation, would make for the most delightful quarantine-mates.

Maybe I’ve even inspired you to do the same. If so, feel free to share your three (or however many you think would be ideal).

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