Three best Duke basketball greats to have as quarantine-mates

Duke basketball (Photo by Peyton Williams/Getty Images)
Duke basketball (Photo by Peyton Williams/Getty Images) /
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Duke basketball
Duke basketball’s Cameron Indoor Stadium  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

As a distraction to the ongoing isolation, here’s a fun question for Duke basketball fans: which three Brotherhood members would be ideal to share living quarters with during such trying times?

Imagine sneaking into Cameron Indoor Stadium some random day to find three former Duke basketball players competing in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Imagine they are the only souls other than yourself inside the heavenly hoops haven at the time. Then imagine a shelter-in-place, worldwide-quarantine order suddenly buzzing all your smartphones.

Now that you know the hypothetical setting, imagine which trio of Blue Devils you would want to have in your environment under these conditions. In case you need a hand, Ball Durham has come up with its answer here. First, though, why only three? Well, hoopsters are known for being giants, i.e., heavy consumers of both food rations and the planet’s new gold: toilet paper.

And why not include the game’s all-time winningest leader? OK, that’s simple: we’d all innately be too concerned for our own good with the well-being of Mike Krzyzewski. Plus, requesting that the 73-year-old “sit with us” at supper could stir up an unnecessary fuss (cue the Hall of Famer’s gone-viral halftime yells to the Cameron Crazies this past season after they directed that chant at Pitt head coach Jeff Capel, a.k.a., “one of us”).

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Each of you is obviously entitled to compile your own list. As for mine, here’s a spoiler: the only reason I did not list Christian Laettner is that I’d like to think my personality type mirrors my childhood hero, meaning two you-know-what’s sharing the same confines would surely be too much ego for the others to stand (not to say one guy on this list doesn’t possess an equally overbearing “confidence” in himself, yet his displays are a bit, shall we say, “out there”).

But let’s start off with the oh-so-important brain of the bunch…