Duke basketball: Second-year stars could see themselves in the rafters

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Duke basketball

Duke basketball’s 1992 national champs (Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/ALLSPORT)

Since we are all dealing with the absence of our beloved Duke basketball in our own way, and need something to pass the time, let’s compare three players we all hope to see next year with three players the years will never forget.

With nothing left to do but look back on what might have been and forward to what might be, I figured I would ponder and reminisce, but about three players that Duke basketball would love to see in Blue Devil uniforms next season. The crazy part will be in the comparisons I make with these would-be sophomore stars and a few who have their jerseys hanging from the rafters.

No, I’m not a crack-pot, on crack, or cracked up. I’m just bored and feel like writing about what Duke basketball might look like in November with these players on the roster, even though none of them plan on staying long enough for their own numbers to be hanging high in hallowed heroism. I told you I was bored.

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I want to compare Wendell Moore, Cassius Stanley, and Matthew Hurt with three of the greatest to ever wear the Duke basketball blue and white — and black, dark blue, and grey, which I think is my new personal favorite. Besides just passing the time, I should probably get these in before any more departures hit the Duke basketball program. I feel each would be better served taking that next step next year as a Devil, with one solid season under each of their belts.

The thing about comparisons with players from today with those of the past is we tend to think about the finished product from those Duke basketball all-timers and not what they were like during their freshman seasons. Five-stars today want to jump to the league so fast and understandably so with the overwhelming financial incentive.

But a lot of professional players are willing to gamble on themselves in the short term to increase their long-term outlooks. With increased and/or breakout performances next season on the biggest stage in college hoops, these three Duke basketball stars in the making could also be making a lot more scratch when they do enter the professional ranks.

Plus, as a fan, I want to see them all return and help lead next year’s Duke basketball team to the NCAA Tournament and the chance at No. 6 that we all missed out on this year. With that, on to the most likely to stay, and the least shocking comparison…

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