Duke football: ACCN has audacity to tweet absurd clip without apology

On Thursday, the ACC Network Twitter account decided to share a Halloween horror scene — adding a false narrative and neglecting a necessary apology — that still haunts Duke football to this day.

Dear ACC Network, I won’t allow you to spook me on Halloween without calling you out for it. You disrespected me — and all other Duke football fans, I presume — by tweeting what you did without even having the decency to at least add #Sorry.

Four Halloweens back, I lost a touch of respect for and interest in all things pigskin because of the incompetence, shadiness, and then thin skin of ACC zebras. The next day, I lost even more respect and interest due to what was at the very least cowardly inaction — smelled like more than just that, though — from ACC big wigs (they technically could have reversed the final score then).

Call it sour grapes. Call it a lost cause. I choose to keep calling it just as I see it every time anyone decides to share it without any mention of #TheTruth.

Close your eyes, #DukeGang. As for the ACC and its network, please open your eyes and adjust your account of the below kickoff return accordingly:

You’ve got to be kidding me with the wording of this tweet. Pulled off? The only thing Miami pulled off in the above clip was the ability to avoid an “L” on its permanent record as a result of some suspiciously friendly ACC eyes.

Those who reviewed the tape that night decided to favor a final score, 30-27, that just so happened to favor the dwindling ACC Championship Game hopes of the Hurricanes — always a much bigger draw than the Duke football program, which had dinged ratings two years prior by unexpectedly punching a ticket to Charlotte.

While reviewing the tape, they either missed or chose to overlook forward laterals, picked-up flags, blocks in the back, and knees down. If you really need to know all the specifics, then just click here — ACC suspends officials from Miami-Duke game, TD should not have counted — or on the link below.

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As for me, I’m wrapping this up now because I refuse to allow the ACC Network Twitter account to force me to rehash any further what was an embarrassing moment for all of football and turned out to be a turning point for what was becoming a top-25-mainstay Duke football program (a 23-7 record across the 30 games leading up to the Miami game and then a 13-17 record across the 30 games that followed).

No thanks, ACCN or any other affiliate of the ACC, you’re not going to sour my candy today without my attempt here to at least publicize #TheTruth and say #Sorry for you. In other words, I’m actually throwing a flag on your foul play.

Sincerely, the dude who only dressed up as a Blue Devil on Halloweens as a kid.

Stay tuned to Ball Durham for more updates, analyses, predictions, and occasional hot takes — when necessary — regarding the Duke football program.