Duke Basketball: Top 10 game-winning shots of the Coach K era

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Duke basketball fans will forever remember where they were when Cam Reddish drilled a 3-pointer to stun Florida State on Saturday, but where does the shot rank against all game-winners of the Coach K era?

Every Duke basketball game tells a story. Some are horror stories. Occasionally, there are mysteries. Most are just tales of Blue Devils cruising along Victory Highway.

The best ones, though, are thrillers that end in romance.

In the last paragraph of those games’ last page, a beloved character experiences a moment — a winning moment. All Duke fans fall madly in love and stash the moment away in their memory bank so that they can draw upon it anytime their spirits need a boost.

Such a memory was added to the vault on Saturday (more on that to come).

First, allow me to explain how I compiled this list:

As a lifelong Blue Devil junkie who was born at the end of Mike Krzyzewski’s first season at the helm of the Duke basketball program, my vault has required frequent expansions over the years. But some of the game-winning love stories have been deserving of a vault all their own. Those are the 10 in this slideshow. Also, I’ve ranked them — not an easy task.

You may not agree with all of them or their order, and that’s OK; after all, your memories are your memories.

But no sane fan will disagree with my No. 1 — even though it’s not the game-winning shot that you are expecting it to be…