Duke Basketball: Zion is college basketball’s ‘Greatest Show on Hardwood’

Duke basketball freshman Zion Williamson (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Duke basketball freshman Zion Williamson (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Duke Basketball freshman sensation Zion Williamson is stealing the show throughout the country and he has everyone’s attention.

One steal, and a 360 dunk. BOOM.

It’s the play Duke’s offense was fortified by, in the 87-68 victory against ACC foe Clemson on Saturday night.

Shortly after, Cameron Indoor Stadium sparked into an exhilarating atmosphere.

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Zion Williamson’s 360 dunk could’ve been produced into a motion picture.

If you watch movies, then you remember ‘Harlem Nights,’ featuring Eddie Murphy. Harlem Nights was a great movie. But let’s switch production topics.

When it comes to the 6-foot-7 freshman, he’s created his own motion picture called, ‘Slam Nights’.  Saturday night’s ferocious dunk against the Tigers, would be the first scene in the movie. Since I’m the writer of this column; I’ll also be the director of ‘Slam Nights’.

The premiere of ‘Slam Nights,’ starts now.

With just two steps, and one dribble; you could feel the mass hysteria from the Cameron Crazies. I felt it at home in front of my television set.

Fans, let’s deviate from college hoops for about 20 seconds. Most of you recall, when NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’.

Well, Zion is college basketball’s ‘Greatest Show on Hardwood’.

Zion’s frenetic display of dunks this season, has given me no other choice but to categorize him as Duke’s ‘Greatest Show on Hardwood’.

Here’s why. Listen, before you make any assumptions.

In a previous column, I elaborated on Zion’s physicality being equivalent to NBA star LeBron James. After writing the piece, there were several theoretical comments I received from different readers.

However, the concept was to enliven the hype he’s already received prior to arriving in Durham.

From the time he walked through the doors of Cameron Indoor Stadium, Williamson’s athleticism has enlivened and invigorated Duke’s offense.

Subsequently, people across the country were flabbergasted by his anomalous skill set coming out of high school, and rightfully so.

This is a human being weighing over 270 pounds, with a 40-inch vertical leap.

In today’s game, players like Williamson only come around every blue moon. Zion’s presence in a Duke uniform, has created a euphoric energy that’s permeated across campus. So anyone trying to ascertain why he’s been so heavily praised this season; that’s why.

It’s become incredibly convoluted to guard Williamson one-on-one. I’ve iterated this once before in another column I wrote on Zion.

Here’s why; Coach K’s offense is essentially designed for his personnel to attack the basket. Ordinarily, they attack in transition. But because of their high-tempo playing style, it’s harder for opponents to defend this Blue Devils team when they start running the floor.

For Zion, attacking the basket has become the most feasible.

The alarming factor is Williamson’s off-the-dribble moves. An impetuous first step, and a smooth perimeter game. Not just off-the-dribble moves, but also easy put back buckets inside the paint. He’s a guy that could theoretically play guard and forward, in terms of size and mobility.

Zion Williamson is college basketball’s ‘Greatest Show on Hardwood’. We’re talking about a young player, that can play multiple positions on the floor. As I stated earlier, ‘Slam Nights,’ is opening in a theater near you.

Every dunk is a motion picture. Especially from Zion Williamson.