Duke Basketball: Blue Devils’ top 10 plays through the first 10 games

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Duke Basketball
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10. Zion’s touch pass to Javin

Opponent: Yale

Trailing by two at home against Yale is not cool, no matter how many veterans the Ivy League school has on its roster or how much time is left on the clock. With 13 minutes and change to play in the first half and trailing the Bulldogs, 15-13, the Duke basketball team needed its signature spark: turning defense into quick offense.

And so freshman sensation R.J. Barrett responded by intercepting a Yale pass at the free-throw line, taking two dribbles, and then delivering a cross-court bounce pass to his freshman pal, Williamson. By the time the ball reached Williamson, though, he knew he didn’t have time to catch it with two hands and then pass it to his trailing junior captain, Javin Delaurier.

So Williamson just used one hand to touch the ball with enough force to redirect it four feet to DeLaurier, who finished with a layup (had it been a dunk, this play would rank a touch higher than 10th).

Thanks to the official Twitter account of the Duke basketball program, you can rehash in your memory this play — No. 3 on the video below — and four others (aka, honorable mentions) from the Blue Devils’ 10th game.