Duke Basketball: Blue Devils’ top 10 plays through the first 10 games

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Duke Basketball
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1. Zion, Backboard, R.J. — best trio in sports?

Opponent: Hartford

Sure, it came late in the game with another blowout at the hands of the Duke basketball team no longer in doubt. But the reason that this play ranks No. 1 is simple — this play had it all:

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  • Zion using ultimate athleticism, anticipation, and aggression to dive into a passing lane at the top of the key in order to come away with a steal.
  • Zion needing only two dribbles, due to his full-steam-ahead momentum, to scoot down the floor.
  • Zion being a true showman by surprising spectators with what he decided to do at the other end.
  • Zion displaying unselfishness, awareness, and precision by lofting a pass, at an angle, off the backboard to his roommate, R.J., flying in from the other side.
  • R.J. having the wherewithal to see what was happening and then rising to the occasion — literally — to flush it home.
  • Excellence and amazement in their purest forms.

If there are more plays to come this season that contain anywhere near as much excitement, hops, and talent as this one, our efforts to stay unspoiled by this team are doomed.

Actually, I don’t know about you, but this play acted as the final straw in ruining my attempt to live up to Coach K’s request for me to refrain from becoming spoiled.

If this is also true for you, you might as well go ahead and take as many looks as you please:

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Stay tuned to Ball Durham as the season progresses for more rankings of the top plays that you should avoid replaying too often in order to keep from becoming spoiled by this Duke basketball team.