Duke Basketball: Blue Devils’ top 10 plays through the first 10 games

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2. Bird? Plane? No, Zion!

Opponent: Eastern Michigan

My Duke-grad dad and I have shared some special memories watching Duke basketball games together over the past three-plus decades. And one more was certainly added to the list this year.

We were lucky enough to sit together in Cameron Indoor Stadium and experience what it is like to see the Zion show in person during Duke’s third game of the season — an 84-46 blowout win against Eastern Michigan.

And Zion didn’t disappoint. He provided one magical dunk that ought to never leave our memory banks.

After it happened, as we were in shock from what we just witnessed, we actually discussed if the dunk was more incredible than Grant Hill’s alley-oop finish from the championship game against Kansas in 1991. Although this November game wasn’t nearly as significant as the game that gave Duke its first title, we both agreed that no previous Blue Devil could do what Zion did off Reddish’s alley-oop pass that seemed way too high for any human not named Zion to catch in mid-air — with two hands — and flush with such force.

Zion could have taken a bite out of the rim — on his way down. He probably could have even waved to the crowd while he was up there.

But as you can see — No. 2 on the video below — Zion’s slam not only impressed me and my dad; it left his teammates on the bench giddy from witnessing the unfathomable height that the can’t-be-human Zion reached to make the play so memorable.