Duke Basketball: Blue Devils’ top 10 plays through the first 10 games

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Duke Basketball
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Weeks ago, Coach K told fans not to become spoiled with this Duke basketball team; so, 10 games in, in order to help fans abide by the legend’s command, the following is a list of 10 potential-to-spoil-us plays to avoid replaying again.

When Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski dishes out an order to fans, not all of us abide by it — and that’s OK.

After all, your fandom is exactly that: Yours.

Therefore, whether you choose to criticize players while launching objects at the TV or you choose to keep both of your blue-and-white pom-poms raised to the sky, I won’t judge you. But when Krzyzewski expresses his expectations of us as fans, no matter how difficult they are to live up to, it’s best to at least try — if for no other reason, to honor the GOAT’s wishes.

Though in the case of his clear instruction to fans not to become spoiled from this freshmen-laden and ultra-talented squad, that’s like asking a gallon of milk to hang out on a countertop for a week and still remain delicious. Fret not, though, for I’m stepping up in an attempt to refrigerate the fast-spoiling fanbase.

I’ve come up with the top 10 plays to watch out for from the first 10 games of this Duke basketball season (the Blue Devils are 9-1, ranked No. 2, and don’t play their 11th game, at home against Princeton, until Dec. 18). Let this slideshow be your last chance to indulge yourself in the beauty of these poetry-in-motion plays, but then you have to promise not to look at them again until season’s end — lest Zion Williamson and all his dunking buddies spoil you.

Note: The order of the plays — and decision as to which ones made the list — is based solely on how quickly the memory and rewatching of each play lead to a mashup of “Devil With a Blue Dress” and “Every Time We Touch” playing inside the mind of this Duke basketball fan.