Duke Basketball: Cole Anthony eyes record for most list-teasing tweets

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(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

If the Duke basketball program remains in contention for the services of Cole Anthony until the spring, the five-star recruit will likely continue to test the patience of coaches and fans.

Cole Anthony, a hypertalented combo guard from the 2019 class and current Duke basketball target, either has memory issues or enjoys messing with fans who can’t wait to see where he ends up after high school.

Once again, the 6-foot-3, 185-pound son of former UNLV great Greg Anthony has tweeted about having cut his list of 12 colleges without going ahead and offering up the new list.

On Oct. 12, Anthony tweeted:

Then no list followed. All his Twitter feed contained from then until Wednesday night was retweets of his latest highlights, stat lines, and interviews, as well as a couple of retweets of other prospects’ college choices and one advertisement for a shoe.

And the reason I, an avid follower of all things Duke basketball, am now having to admit that I now know way more than I ever intended to about the Twitter account of a teenager with mad basketball skills is that I took the bait.

I confess. I’m hooked.

I even turned on the option for my Twitter account to receive a notification each time he tweets so that I can quickly relay his new list to readers of Ball Durham the moment that he finally unveils it.

Instead, as I was enjoying some quality programming on network television on Wednesday evening, my phone notified me of Anthony’s latest tweet. And when I opened it, all I got was this:

Is this news?

Well, it’s more of just a rewording of his tease from nearly two weeks ago with a touch of additional information. At least now we all know how many schools to expect — six, for those who struggle with doing division. (Anthony also tweeted a similar tease at the end of August before he announced his final 12 schools).

Nobody seems to have any confidence in what to expect when it comes to the recruitment of Anthony. At one point, the Crystal Ball at 247Sports had Duke as the favorite. Nowadays, it’s UNC (67 percent of the experts agree, yet that could change again countless times as he is not expected to announce his final decision until the spring).

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But when you are the top-rated guard in your class and No. 3 overall prospect, according to the 247Sports Composite, any tidbit (additional tease is a better description) is newsworthy.

So, will Duke be one of the final six (if that even turns out to be the actual number)?

In the words of Anthony — he even used a hashtag for it — stay tuned!

Til when? Well, I’m now convinced that not even Anthony knows that answer. Maybe this new list — which he, according to his own words, has known the contents of for weeks — will just come out whenever he finally gets bored of teasing fans about it.

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Stay tuned (oops, maybe I’m not so different from Anthony) to Ball Durham for more Duke basketball recruiting updates, analysis, opinions, and predictions.