All-American Grayson Allen, “Duke’s 3-Point Torch”


Duke fans, the All-American status isn’t the only element that has me excited. 

Well, maybe for you but not me. 

Grayson Allen’s game from my perspective, is still an untold story.

And the story begins.

First and foremost, he’s a shooter. Long range to be exact.

If it’s man to man defense, flames from his three-point torch will burn you.

Oh yes Duke fans, Grayson Allen has a torch.

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Allen shifts his body in transition, dribbles behind the back, inside jab step with the right foot.

Soon as you jump, you feel the burning sensation inside your eyes.

It’s because of his three-point torch.

Now, the real story begins.

Grayson Allen. “The All-American 3-Point Torch”.

For the 6’5 guard, shooting three-pointers is relatively easy.

Last year in the ACC, Allen emerged as one of Duke’s most decorated guards in school history. Everyone’s familiar with J.J. Redick, Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Kyle Singler, and Austin Rivers.

Former Duke greats. Current NBA players.

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  • Fans, you get the drift.

    Is Allen the Blue Devils next scoring legend?

    Let’s play a game called “Numerology”

    Here’s the first deck of numbers.

    Allen is only 68 points shy of becoming Duke’s 65th 1,000 point scorer.

    The Blue Devils have produced numerous 1,000 point scorers in Duke’s basketball history.

    Let’s continue with the numerology.

    During the 2015-16 season, Allen averaged 21.9 points, 4.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.4 steals per contest in ACC play. Sounds great. But here’s more. Allen was also named second team Associated Press All-American, John R. Wooden All-American, and first team All-ACC. Strong shooting consistency from last season, will be beneficial in the Blue Devil backcourt. According to numerous sources, Allen has been named ACC Preseason Player of the Year.

    Returning for his junior season, Allen should be one of the top guards in college basketball. Outside of pulling from long range, the athleticism is ridiculous. During a previous game from last season, Allen spun around two defenders, weaved around a guy, for the slam dunk.

    Grayson Allen’s athleticism is off the charts.

    Here comes Allen, with the shooting torch.

    Allen pulls for three, “FLAMES”.

    21.9 point average last season? Certainly.

    Blue Devil fans, There’s more numerology.

    Second deck of numbers have arrived.

    Allen drives the lane, with a strong finish to the hole.

    After that bucket, looks like Allen has 37 points on the night.

    The Cameron Crazies are going nuts!

    More from Duke Basketball

    Allen played in 71 total games for the Blue Devils, making 35 starts. He shot .479 from the field during the 2015-16 season. Last year’s statistics, helped the Blue Devils finished 25-11 overall, and 11-7 in ACC conference play. Allen is accompanied in the backcourt with guards Matt Jones, Luke Kennard, and Frank Jackson. I’m highly optimistic that Grayson Allen will be one of the top guards in the nation.

    In the nation? Yes, and take notes please.

    Duke is the undisputed No.1 team in the country. No more questions. No more assumptions.

    The All-American is back for his junior season.

    Grayson Allen, “The Three-Point Torch” has all the juice.

    With that being said, here’s the last cup of my juice.

    Grayson Allen explodes to the rim for a nice reverse layup.

    12.2 seconds left, Duke inbounds, Allen catches and shoots, FLAMES!