Mar 28, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski during practice the day before the semifinals of the Midwest regional of the 2013 NCAA tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

(1) UCLA def. (8) Indiana 96-52

Stats Leaders:

Points: 45 Lew Alcindor

Rebounds: 22 Bill Walton

Assists: 12 Isiah Thomas

Blocks: 8 Lew Alcindor

Steals: 5 Isiah Thomas

Game Notes:

Alcindor and Walton dominated the paint offensively, defensively, and rebounding. Two of the most dominant big men in the history of the NCAA proved to be far too much for Walt Bellamy and Alan Henderson to handle.

Isiah Thomas was relentless in penetration and ball pressure, but his effort wasn’t nearly enough.

Bob Knight was tossed from the game after a tirade midway through the second half that included him ripping off his shirt and throwing it in the referee’s face.

During Knight’s outburst, John Wooden shook his head in disgust on the UCLA bench.

Game Quotes:

Reggie Miller before game, “If they double down low, I’ll be wide open for three, but I still expect Lew and Bill to throw down dunks anyways. Should be a quiet night for me.”

Knight after game, “We were getting our asses kicked. That’s why I lost it. Is that OK with you chief?”

John Wooden after game, “We need to sharpen our offensive game. The ball movement was poor and we relied too heavily on our big guys.”

Game MVP: Lew Alcindor

(4) Duke def. (5) LSU 77-76

Stats Leaders:

Points: 38 Pete Maravich

Rebounds: 18 Shaq

Assists: 14 Bob Hurley

Blocks: 5 Shaq

Steals: 4 Grant Hill

 Game Notes:

Pistol Pete and Shaq were dominant in the pick and roll game throughout both halves, despite the Blue Devils being in good position.

Bob Hurley did a masterful job managing the team, getting every starter in double figures scoring.

J.J. Redick splashed a three with six seconds left to give Duke a one point lead

Grant Hill was the difference down the stretch, guarding Pistol Pete and forcing him into an extremely difficult shot at the buzzer for the win, which went in and out.

Game Quotes:

Shaq before game, “It is a shame what I am going to do Elton Brand, dude seems like a nice guy.”

Pistol Pete after game, “It was nice defense by Grant Hill, but I should have made that shot.”

Coach K after game, “Our defense won the game. Shaq and Pistol Pete was a deadly combination, only the very highest level of team defense could counteract that.”

Game MVP: Duke’s defense

(3) Kansas def. (6) Kentucky 86-72

 Stats Leaders:

Points: 43 Wilt Chamberlain

Rebounds: 24 Wilt Chamberlain

Assists: 10 John Wall

Blocks: 6 Wilt Chamberlain

Steals: 3 Tayshaun Prince

Game Notes:

Wilt “the Stilt” dominated Kentucky inside and got all of their bigs in foul trouble.

Antoine Walker did his shimmy shake after a three in the opening minutes of the game. Wilt promptly dunked on him the next play and stared at Walker.

Danny Manning knocked down wide open mid-range jumpers off of Wilt double teams. Pierce also had a great deal of open looks.

Anthony Davis had no effect on Wilt whatsoever.

 Game Quotes:

Wilt before game, “Anthony who? Never heard of him.”

Antoine Walker before game, “We ain’t scared. Bring it.”

Tony Delk after game, “What am I supposed to say? They kicked our butts.”

 Game MVP: Wilt Chamberlain

(2) UNC def. (7) Ohio St. 94-51

Stats Leaders:

 Points: 28 Michael Jordan

Rebounds: 17 Greg Oden

Assists: 14 Ty Lawson

Blocks: 6 Greg Oden

Steals: 7 Michael Jordan

Game Notes:

Ty Lawson, Michael Jordan, and Vince Carter proved to be an unstoppable highlight reel in the open court. Ohio St. seemed demoralized after a particularly spicy Carter double-pump reverse dunk five minutes into the game.

Oden got the best of Hansbrough down low, simply overpowering him.

UNC had four players (Jordan, Carter, Jamison, and Hansbrough) with over twenty points

John Havlicek played a hell of a game, despite facing Jordan and Carter throughout the game.

 Game Quotes:

Dean Smith before game, “We have to do this as a team.”

Jordan after the game, “We don’t celebrate first round victories around here.”

Havlicek after game, “They were the better team. That was clear.”

 Game MVP: Ty Lawson (floor management)

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