Duke Commit Chris Taylor Seeks Records



Scottie Montgomery was a game changer in the late 90s at Duke.  A vertical threat with excellent speed and hands, Montgomery left Duke as one of just five two-time MVPs, second all-time in receptions, and third in receiving yards.

Now as an assistant coach at Duke for the second time – after a stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers – Montgomery has become just as talented a recruiter as a receiver.  One of his catches in the 2014 class already has his sights on Scottie’s numbers and more.

“I’m coming for all-time NCAA records! I want to be among the best receivers to ever leave that place.”


Chris Taylor, a 6’2” wideout from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was a target of Montgomery and built an excellent relationship with Taylor. “Coach Montgomery has been very influential in my recruiting process. I loved everything he told me about Duke and what they plan to do with me.”

So how does Duke plan to use him?

“I don’t really think I will be playing in the slot much. At 6’2″, Coach Montgomery has indicated that I would be playing on the outside, but also moving around.”

Depending on how the roster shakes out, the Blue Devils are likely looking at a young receiving core a couple years from now with Taylor, Max McCaffrey, Anthony Nash, and Johnell Barnes.  Of that core, Taylor represents the best combination of speed and size. “It gives me the ability to stretch the field vertically and open up “Levels” for the QB. It can virtually take the safety/corner out of the play at times.”

That ability to play the deep threat opens up the middle of the field for the slot guys, something Connor Vernon, Donovan Varner, and more recently, Jamison Crowder, have exploited successfully.  However, simply being a burner isn’t what Taylor wants to settle for.  Going into his senior season, there are several skills he wants to improve upon before he gets to Durham.

“I want to become more consistent in everything I do. Catch every single pass. Run every route to perfection. I want to be an expert at what I do.”

While he is focused on developing personally, his sights are set on a singular team goal.  “My goals for this season are to help my team, in any way possible, win a championship.”

This quest for excellence played a role in his recruitment.  The two qualities Taylor sought in a school were academics (He made a point to place academics first) and athletics.

“I was seeking a school that could offer me the best, both academically and athletically. When I got the Duke offer, it was a no-brainer.”

Of course in college football, there is always a risk of recruits changing their minds and looking at other schools but Taylor was quick to put those worries to rest.

“As of right now, I can’t think of any school that would have the same academic/athletic combination that Duke has. My commitment is VERY FIRM.”

It’s clear that Taylor brings the ideal mindset to the game and has hunger to succeed.  To do that, he told me he abides by one rule.

“Play Big. Play Fast. Play Confident.”