ACC’s Top-100: No. 46 Okaro White, Florida State


If you told me that some power forward, who came to college weighing about 180-185 pounds would make an impact in the ACC as a freshman, I would have laughed in your face. You then probably would have punched me in the face. I would have comeback with a kick to the private area. Then it would be ON. It’s such a violent world.

PLAYER: Okaro White
POSITION: Power Forward
TEAM: Florida State
YEAR: Sophomore
TAPE: 6-8, 195

2010-11 STATS: 6.6 PPG, 3.1 RPG (.444/.828/.265)

Prior to last year, Seminole Nation had to be a little concerned. Sure they had plenty of talent returning, but with the loss of Solomon Alabi, a big hole was going to need to be filled in the middle.

Obviously the big man that really stepped in was Bernard James, who sort of came out of nowhere to be the man in the middle. However, don’t underestimate how important of an impact freshman Okaro White had in the paint last year.

He ended up starting the final 13 games last year for Florida State, averaging just under eight points and four rebounds. Not bad for a completely undersized power forward.

White is a typical high energy guy, who loves to attack, attach and attach some more. There is zero hesitation in this guy. At 6-8, he can play multiple positions thanks to his superior athletic and leaping abilities. He has no problem skying over a seven-footer for a rebound.

While his offensive repertoire is a bit thin, he can do plenty of damage up, close and personal to the basket. He’s got good footwork and can score with a couple of dribbles in the paint. He prefers to attack the defender with his athleticism or do a drop-step jumper.

However, get him away from the basket and he’s exposed. While he’s a good enough ball handler to run a fast break, put him in the half-court and he’ll commit plenty of turnovers. He also has no outside shot and is not a threat from three.

On the defensive side, he’s a good defender thanks to his length, along with quick hands and feet. Loves to help out defense and block shots. He sometimes can get a little too aggressive and fall for shot fakes though.

Moving ahead, I suspect big improvements from White. Like I mentioned before, he’s painfully skinny. He put on 15 pounds prior to his freshman year, but he’ll need another 20-30 pounds to be truly effective.

Would love to see some sort of back-to-the-basket move develop. He was supposedly coming to college with a hook shot over his left shoulder, but I don’t recall seeing it last year.  Also, don’t be surprised if he gets his three-point shooting percentage above 30-percent next year.

He should once again be the starter at the four-spot. Don’t be surprised to see his average double his sophomore season from six points and three rebounds per game to twelve points and six rebounds per game.