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ACC’s Top-100: No. 75 Cadarian Raines, Virginia Tech


The Virginia Tech Hokies potentially have four players coming off season-ending injuries. One still might not come back, two will most likely start and the last is the biggest guy they got.

PLAYER: Cadarian Raines
POSITION: Power Forward
TEAM: Virginia Tech
YEAR: Sophomore (Medical Redshirt)
TAPE: 6-9, 240
TWITTER: @craines4

2010-11 STATS: 0.5 PPG, 0.5 RPG (.250/.000.000)

Cadarian Raines is a 6-9 power forward. He’s the tallest player on the Virginia Tech Hokies. Yikes.

The good news is that he’s a big, tough player, weighing in at about 240 (although recent rumors have said he has slimed down).

Inside, Raines is a defensive specialist. He may be shorter than most of the men he’s guarding, but no one will push this guy around. He’s also a great athlete, with great lift. I’m not saying he’s going to win the high jump, but he’s a quick leaper, which makes him a very effective shot blocker (and game changer).

Offensively he’s a bit challenge though. Sure he’s athletic and loves to run the floor like a wing player, but inside he tends to use his power, preferring to bull his way to some buckets. He’ll finish with more dunks than jumpers.

He came to Virginia Tech rumored to be able to shoot a right-handed hook, but I haven’t seen it or anything else that resembles an offensive post-game. However, he’s a good passer from the paint and rarely turns it over (only six turnovers in 165 minutes as a freshman).

He’s still got three years of Hokie basketball left to play and I really do believe he’s going to be a solid player if he can ever stay healthy (he’s had two knee surgeries already). This is especially true if his offensive game does develop.

The fact is, he’s going to get the experience, whether coach Seth Greenberg likes it or not.

Currently I have Virginia Tech going small, rolling with two wing players (Dorian Finney-Smith and J.T. Thompson) to go along with guards Erick Green and Dorenzo Hudson. This leaves Tech with an undersized four to go along with undersized senior, Victor Davila, holding down the 5-spot.

I give Davila the starting nod over Raines because he has the experience and he can make some shots down below. However, I don’t think Davila is a great defender and this is where Raines comes in.

A lot also depends on if Allan Chaney comes back. If he does, then Virginia Tech could have a solid three-man rotation with Davila, Raines and Chaney. If incoming freshman power forward, C.J. Barksdale, can give them some solid minutes, then that’s an added bonus.

Maybe just maybe they can keep their small forward’s at the 3-spot and have a traditional front line of Davila/Chaney, with Raines/Barksdale coming off the bench.