ACC’s Top-100: No. 78 Trey McKinney-Jones, Miami


Okay my loyal readers (and those who strangely typed in “Rent Boy” into a Google search and ended up here, we’re moving on down the “ACC’s Top-100 Returning Players” list and we head back down to South Beach to find our second Miami Hurricanes incoming transfer.

PLAYER: Trey McKinney-Jones
POSITION: Combo Guard
TEAM: Miami
YEAR: Junior
TAPE: 6-5, 205

2010-11 STATS: None (Transfer)

As I’ve already pointed out, Trey McKinney-Jones is the second transfer coming in this season for the Miami Hurricanes. The other of course being Kenny Kadji. However, while Kadji was a big-time recruit that simply didn’t pan out at his first school (Florida), McKinney-Jones was an unknown coming out of high school. After excelling at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, he simply decided he wanted to face stiffer competition.

I got two words for you to describe McKInney-Jones…Gifted-Athlete. He’s already a human-highlight real on You Tube.

In high school, basketball was not his first choice. He even skipped AAU ball, choosing Track & Field instead. He ended up winning back-to-back Wisconsin state titles in the triple jump in 2007 and 2008, and was the state runner-up in the long jump.

That’s why he had to start off in the minors (Summit League) of college basketball before arriving at Miami.

After spending his freshman year at Missouri-Kansas City learning the ropes, McKinney-Jones got the starting nod as a sophomore. He didn’t disappoint, averaging nearly 11 points per game, 3.8 rebounds and 2.0 assists. He shot a solid .476 from the floor.

Like I’ve already mentioned above, the Hurricanes are getting themselves an athlete. He’s quick, with a wicked first step. He loves to play above the rim, getting most of his points up close and personal with the rim. In fact, I think if he doesn’t finish with a dunk every time, he’s disappointed. Clearly Miami fans are drooling over the prospect of this kid dunking over a Plumlee brother.

He’s listed at 6-5, but he certainly doesn’t look that tall on film. Right now people are putting him down as a combo guard, but I see point guard all the way. He works better with the ball in his hands and with the offense running through him.

I think he’s an okay three-point shooter. Leave him open, he’ll drain it, but put a hand in his face, he’ll struggle. I also think he needs to continue to develop his mid-range game and not just rely on attacking the rim.

Most importantly in his development will be challenging defenders with his left. He tends to go right more often than not. It makes sense since he does most of his damage going to his right. However, he might get away with that in the Summit League, he won’t in the ACC. You can’t be a one-dimensional ball handler at this level.

The good news is, I think McKinney-Jones will have a solid two-year run at Miami. The fact is, under Frank Haith, the Hurricanes have had success with transfers like Jack McClinton and Malcolm Grant, and should continue under New coach Jim Larranaga.

Right now, I’m just not sure how much of an opportunity he’ll get this year. He’s certainly what Miami needs (they’ve been desperate for back field depth), but right now Malcolm Grant and Durant Scott are the stars of this team. Jim Larranaga would be dumb to limit their minutes.

The big question is, how will Larranaga’s rotation work?

Obviously Grant and Scott will start. Rion Brown and Garrius Adams are two veteran guards that Larranaga has to work with (as well as incoming freshman Bishop Daniels). I wouldn’t be shocked if Brown doesn’t get the start at the 3-spot, while DeQuan Jones holds down the 4-spot (with Reggie Brown at the five). That would certainly mean more minutes for McKinny-Jones.

Either way, he will see some action, because neither Brown or Adams (or Daniels) are point guards. McKinney-Jones should be able to sub in for a while at the point, all in preparation for next year when both Grant (graduation) and Scott (leaves for the NBA) are gone.

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