Monday Morning Dump


We’re starting a new weekly blog post today. We’re going to offer up to you, every Monday, the stories you’ve might have missed, because unlike us, you probably have a life.

We’re going to dump a bunch of links to help you get you through the Monday morning. Yes, we know posting a bunch of links with some half-literate comment is probably the laziest writing one can do. You know what though, have you seen our spelling on this site, this isn’t the NY Times, just shut up and enjoy it.

Yes, delusional.  Word is, the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves were interested in Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Seriously?

Come on, seriously?

Let’s forget for a second that Coach K is three wins away from becoming the all-time wins leader in college basketball. Let’s forget that he has yet another top-10 team, that will compete for another title. Let’s forget he’s already a walking God on campus. The Timberwolves really thought they’d have a shot?

This is a coach that turned down the Boston Celtics and Los Angels Lakers (with Koby Bryant in his prime). Did they really believe the lure of coaching Rick Rubio would convince Coach K to leave Duke? For crying out loud, the NBA is about to have a long lockout. No wonder that franchise has never won anything.

Speaking of Coach K, we found out that he’s getting paid nearly $5-million dollars per year. I’ll be honest with you…I don’t find that too shocking. What I do find surprising is that Rich Pitino makes $6-million per year. So far at Louisville the stats play out like this: Sex Affairs on a restaurant table: 1. National Championships: 0.

With the 2011 NBA draft over, it’s time for someone to do a way-to-soon look ahead at the 2012 draft. Of course we’ll be doing one too later this week. While this year’s NBA draft didn’t walk away with a ton of ACC talent, in 2012 you can expect at least 10 ACC players being drafted.

Jams McAdoo is following in the footsteps of  his uncle Bob MCAdoo, who also played at North Carolina. To say these are giant footsteps he’s following would be an understatement. Uncle Bob averaged 19 points per game at UNC. He was an All-American, who led the Tar Heels to the 1972 Final Four. He’s in the freaking College Basketball Hall-of-Fame. For the record, we think despite backing up Ty Zeller and John Henson, McAdoo will see plenty of action and will be a one-and-done (assuming the NBA doesn’t change that rule again).

As most of you probably already know, Michigan recruit, Austin Hatch, was critically injured in a plane crash last week. Both his father (the pilot) and stepmother were killed in the crash. He’s currently in a medically induced coma. Doctors are hoping to bring him out Monday.

What we’ve learned this weekend was that this wasn’t Hatch’s first plane crash. In fact, he and his father were both in a very similar plane crash in 2003. In fact, both crashes happened when the family was flying to their summer home in Walloon Lake, Michigan. However, in that first crash, Hatch’s mother, brother and sister all perished.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound cold (which typically means I’m about to be), but I couldn’t do that. If I crashed a plane that nearly wiped out my entire family, my days as a pilot would be over. I know the odds of second plane crash are minimal, but I just couldn’t do it.

Still, my heart goes out to this kid. He’s lost his entire family in two horrific accidents. I hope he has a full recovery. I’ll be the first one cheering for him if he can get back on the court one day.