ACC’s Top-100: No. 82 Allan Chaney, Virginia Tech


At #82 we got a player who hasn’t sniffed competitive basketball in over two seasons and it is unlikely he will again in 2011-2012, so we had to use our imagination a little on this one.

PLAYER: Allan Chaney
POSITION: Power Forward
TEAM: Virginia Tech
YEAR: Sophomore (Transfer and Medical Redshirt)
TAPE: 6-9, 235

2010-11 STATS: None

Before we even begin to talk about what Allan Chaney can do on the court, we need to address whether he’s even going to play.

If you recall, Chaney was a transfer from the Florida Gators. After sitting out 2009-2010, he was expected to come right in and compete for a starting spot. However, he collapsed in practice prior to the start of the 2010-2011 season. He was diagnosed with viral myocarditis and his season (and possibly his career) was over before it got started.

Peeking ahead, Chaney is trying to get back on the court for this upcoming season. To play he’s going to need to be cleared by doctors. Now according to Tech Hoops, he will be cleared.

I’m just not sure I buy it.

He just had another surgery in May to deal with scarring around his heart. It’s hard to imagine any doctor feeling 100% confident that Chaney won’t pull a Hank Gathers on the court. That tragic event happened 22 years ago, but it still affects every team, every coaching staff and every doctor who is dealing with a player with a heart condition.

Now that you know that, we’re going to move forward with this list under the assumption that he will come back.

Chaney the player is a skilled power forward with great size and strength. However, his game most resembles a small forward, preferring to bounce around outside the paint. He’s got a quick release for a big guy and can nail mid-range jumpers. He even knows how to hit the three, although he didn’t really demonstrate it during his one year in Gainesville.

While he won’t deliver a ton of points with an inside game, he is a solid rebounder, using his wide frame to take up space under the boards.

Prior to heading to Virginia Tech though, Chaney was known as a bit of slacker at times, tending to play down to the level of his competition. That’s great when the Hokies are facing Duke, but not when they’re taking on a William & Mary.

Also, Chaney is also not a great passer and can get caught up in a lot of one-on-one action. Not good news since basketball is a team game.

Lookng ahead, you know the Hokies would die to have this kid on the floor. With Jeff Allen graduating, Seth Greenberg’s front court is short and weak. Not a good combo. Tech has no player standing over 6-9 (Cadarian Raines) and 6-8 Victor Davila will be the stating center.

The problem is, even if by some miracle Allan Chaney can return, how effective can he really be? He hasn’t play competitive basketball since 2009 and even if playing basketball was like riding a bike, the coaching staff will need to be careful with Chaney. At best he’d probably play 10-15 minutes per game.