PG-33) Tyrone Garland 6'0, 165) ☆☆☆ PG-33) Tyrone Garland 6'0, 165) ☆☆☆

Ranking The Frosh: No. 8 – Virginia Tech



  • (PG-33) Tyrone Garland 6’0, 165) ☆☆☆
  • (SF-18) Jarell Eddie (6’6, 209) ☆☆☆☆

One year after bringing five new faces in, coach Seth Greenberg took a break this year, nabbing only two. Yet when it comes to recruiting, quality matters more than quantity.

Of course, Virginia Tech returns (if you can believe this) everyone but a couple of scrubs. Five of their six players will be seniors. So this new pair could be allowed some time to grow.

First up is 6’1 Tyrone Garland. The 33rd ranked point guard is simply known has a scrappy guard. He has some range (about 20-feet), but he’s primarily a slasher, who loves to attack the rim. His passing skills are so-so, since he has been a scoring guard throughout high school.

The big question for Garland is, can he play point or will he eventually switch over to two-guard? Let’s save that question for later.

Next up is Jarell Eddie. The 6’7 small forward from Charlotte, North Carolina is a big, strong wing, who’s not afraid to get dirty inside. In fact, Eddie could find himself playing some power forward before his Tech career is over.

Like so many current Hokies, Eddie thrives in traffic. He’s known for hanging in the air to get fouled and grabbing a ton of boards.

Yet, he’s not just a inside-wonder. He has an excellent mid-range shot and can hit the three from time to time. He’s athletic and can run from basket to basket, but he will need to work on his first-step and dribbling through defenses in the half court offense.

Ironically, Eddie ended up being a weapon on the recruiting trail as well. He helped bring in 4-star point guard, Marquis Rankin. You see the two are childhood friends, who have played together since they were nine.

Rankin had received scholarship offers from Ohio State, Wake Forest and had North Carolina eyeing him too. I have to believe if Eddie wasn’t in Blacksburg, Rankin wouldn’t be there.

Now this brings me back to my question about Tyrone Garland, is he a point guard or shooting guard?

Sure the Hokies are losing their top two guards after this season, but they brought in a point guard last year (Erick Green – ranked 31st) and then you have Rankin, who will probably be the best point guard next year, despite being only a freshman.

Garland might have a better shot a playing time, since as of now, the only competition for the two-guard spot in 2011 is current freshman Ben Boggs and Robert Brown, a three-star SG coming in the following year.

Either way, minutes should be scares for both Tyrone Garland and Jarell Eddie this season. Coach Greenberg knows with so many seniors on his roster, this is Virginia Tech’s one chance to make a statement on a national level.

I suspect both Eddie and Garland to get some looks in non-conference play, but look for those minutes to disappear come ACC time. Coach Greenberg simply has never been one to go deep onto his bench.

I can’t foresee him sitting either Delaney or Hudson for more than a few minutes (and even then there is no guarantee that Garland is his first PG option off the bench).

Eddie certainly has the talent to get some playing time, but he’ll need to steal some minutes from Terrell Bell and T.J. Thompson.


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