The 2010 Top-25 players in the ACC," we're moving on to focu..."/> The 2010 Top-25 players in the ACC," we're moving on to focu..."/>

Rankings The Frosh: No. 12 – Boston College


Today we begin a new list. After listing “The 2010 Top-25 players in the ACC,” we’re moving on to focus just on the younger generation.

With so much turnaround in college basketball, incoming freshman are having a huge impact on ACC basketball. One failed class can set a program back for years. One amazing get can save a coaches job (I’m looking at you Sidney Lowe).

So the question that’s be proposed is, which ACC school has the best incoming class in 2010? But before I attempt to answer this and rank these schools, let me just say now…doing this is nearly impossible.

It’s bad enough these rankings are based on players I’ve barely seen play (and in some cases, haven’t seen at all). Secondly, what really makes a great class?

Maryland has six players coming in, while North Carolina only has three. Now go to any recruitment web site and everyone will have the Tar Heels higher. Why? Because their players are five-star recruits, while Maryland only has one four-star.

Yet, if one of Carolina’s players leaves after one year, a second one leaves after two, all while Maryland’s group stays four years and helps the Terps to more winning seasons and maybe an ACC title or two down the road…how could North Carolina’s class be better then?

You get my point? These predictions and rankings are quite simply a guess. Sure it’s an educated guess, but in the end, it’s still a guess. Just remember that when you go to rip me and wish death upon my family members.

Over the next 12 days, we’ll drop one team in your lap. Today, we’ll be starting at the bottom. This decision was actually an easy one.


  • None

It’s been a rough start for new head coach Steve Donahue. He takes two steps into Chestnut Hill and not only does Al Skinner leave the recruitment cupboard empty, three current players (Brady Heslip, Rakim Sanders and Evan Ravenel) decide to wave goodbye.

At this time, it looks like there will be no one coming in this season, although Eagle Insider still has PG Jay Harris and SG Brandon Burnett listed as “Prospects.”

Listen, for any coach it’s always tough to walk in and recruit. Hell, most new coaches struggle just to keep current commits committed. Yet, I’m surprised Donahue hasn’t delivered anyone. The fact is, Boston College’s 2010-2011 roster features six seniors. Add in those transfers and starting in 2011, the Eagles have only four scholarship players, none lower than a junior.

Meaning? There’s playing time to offer. Yet, no one is biting…at least this year. The same can’t be said for the 2011 class. Coach Donahue has already landed three players, including 280-pound center, Kyle Caudill.

Of course we’ll talk about that next year at this time.

This article was first printed at ACC Airball. Check it out, what are you afraid of?